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christmas dramas for church free (Scripts and Video)

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Best Drama for churches – Christmas drama, how to act Christmas drama, cast of Christmas Drama.

Christmas Drama

25, December every believer in Christ Jesus celebrate the birth of Jesus, joy to world the king is born. christmas dramas for church free (Scripts and Video)

Drama play…

Scene 1

A father on stage

The daughter will come inside ask the father why do christian celebrate christmas that she was ask in school buh she couldn’t answer..

The father will tell the child that its a long story…


there was a time when their was a lot of famine and hunger(two pple will come inside to show hunger)in the land
Pple where dying….Fowl where dying animals etc

Sickness everywhere
2 People will come inside to show sickness.

Student complaining to thier parent..

U can add alot of affliction that pple are facing in the world.

Still in that scene,mary will cry inside with joseph. 

They gave birh to jesus
The wisemen came to give him gift.

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