The best quickest ways to save money at the grocery store

In Nigeria Whether you accept it or not, one of the things that drain your account is grocery shopping, especially when you don’t plan it well.


You probably always tell yourself every time you are going to a grocery store that you won’t spend beyond your budget this time, and at the end of the day you end up spending a lot. We understand your plight because it happens to almost everybody.

As someone with an excellent financial mindset, there are some habits you should not be indulging in again, and that includes spending more than you budgeted at grocery stores. Below are seven different ways you can save money at the grocery store;

1. Make a grocery list

You can see your grocery list as a lifesaver. It helps you to have an idea about the things you need to buy, without forgetting anything and also allows you to set your priorities right.

2. Create a budget and stick to it

The role of budgets cannot be overemphasized when it comes to financial stability. You should always do a monthly budget the moment you receive your salary in order not to overspend or spend on the wrong things. Your budget will also help you to curb over buying at grocery stores.

3. Create a meal plan

Here is how a meal plan works; if you plan your meal for a week or a month, it helps you to have an idea about the things you are going to need and the things you don’t need.

4. Use shopping coupons

Using coupons or gift cards does not make you less of a human. In fact, it saves you from going broke and running into debt. If you are lucky enough to get coupons or gift cards, appreciate it and use it during your next grocery shopping. It would help if you also jumped on sales, like Black Friday, to get your grocery. It saves you from spending a lot of money.

5. Stay away from big brands

Everybody wants to show how trendy they are, but not everybody has the funds for it. If you’re going to spend less at the grocery store, you have to stop buying from big and expensive brands. The bigger the brand, the more expensive their products are. Do thorough market research when next you are going to a grocery store and try smaller brands. You never can tell; the small brands might even deliver more than the popular brands you are used to. A trial is all you need.

6. Buy what you need and can afford

We have often talked about the difference between needs and wants, and it cuts across every aspect of your finances. When at a grocery store, make sure you focus on your list and buy what you truly need and not what you want. Your affordability also matters when you want to buy the things you need. Go for cheaper options.

7. Learn to say no

Many people end up buying more than they intend to buy at a grocery store because they don’t know how to say no. If a sales rep introduces a product that you don’t need to you, learn to say, “No, I don’t need this right now, but I will put it on my budget next time”. It is as simple as that, maybe, not that simple for some people. It would be best if you also learned to say no to yourself. You will always see new products that will entice you at a grocery store; It takes a lot of discipline and self-control not to give in to yourself.

One of the basic needs of man is food; therefore, you should allot a percentage of your monthly income to grocery shopping. However, you should try as much as possible not to exceed your budget at grocery stores. It takes a lot of discipline to be able to do this, but you will have yourself to thank later. Follow the tips shared with you religiously, and you will be on your way to financial discipline and stability.

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