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Buhari is not God, former borno governor speaks on the risen insecurity

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Please take few minutes and listen to what Sen. Kashim Shettima former Governor of Borno state is saying in this video.

‘we don’t defy him’

‘Buhari is not God’

‘We are part of this Government, We brought this Government into being, But we have a moral responsibility to tell truth to power when need be’, we are not hostile to Buhari administration.

‘The current CODS is from course 25 in his 41st year of service, The current chief of Army staff is from course 26’ they are not indispensable ‘ no one is indispensable.

Me: I think those whoe stand firm to speak during GEJ against insecurity and bad Governance and chooses to keep quite at this time under Buhari administration they are nothing but gloating bunch of hypocrites. Munafukan banza kawai.

No amount of Maneuver will change the simple fact that Buhari is a failure.

Thank you Kashim

Cc: Mustapha Musa

Video credit: Mubarak Ibrahim Lawan

Click this link to watch the video


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