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Python MultiTrack- beginners and professionals- zero to hero

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Python MultiTrack- beginners and professionals- zero to hero

two study tracks – fast and detail depending on your needs – develop industry projects, notes, interview questions

What you’ll learn

  • Get up to speed very quickly with Python3, Tkinter Gui and Matplotlib
  • Use the Fast Track to develop a complete Batch Processing system in just 4 hours
  • Create a user friendly GUI for the Batch Processing system in just 2 hours
  • Apply graphical data analysis to the Batch Processing data in just 2 hours
  • Use the Detail Track to get in depth knowledge of Python and best practises
  • Develop a Hospital Booking System in the Detail Track as you step through all the Python topics and functionality
  • Use industry tools such as PyCharm IDE
  • Use industry methods, design patterns and practices in your projects
  • Use OOP to create a Model, View, Controller
  • Advanced topics include: comprehensions, decorators, scientific notation, bit twiddling, base conversion


  • No previous experience needed for Detail Track
  • Seasoned programmers may prefer the Fast Track
  • Programmers with no experience may choose to jump between Tracks or indeed complete both the Fast Track and the Detail Track
  • Beginners may want to complete the Fast Track after completing the Detail Track – to revise their knowledge

Who this course is for:

  • People with no programming experience who wish to learn Python
  • Existing programmers wishing to cross-train quickly to Python
  • People looking to start a new career in programming
  • People looking to develop code as a hobby

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