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Some beautiful pictures of UniJos

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Are you an Aspirant? Or a parent to an Aspirant who haven’t been to UniJos? Perhaps you are a 100l student who is yet to go round the University of Jos campuses

This is certainly for you!

Take a chill glass of water or juice and relax while I take you round some beautiful places in the University of Jos.

Now, come with me 👇🏻

Unijos main gate

Unijos elibrary complex
UniJos new elibrary
Unijos elibrary
walk way along to the Library
Walk way to library from faculty of education and environmental sciences
faculty of Arts
Faculty of Arts

Your comments and questions are welcomed!

Unijos faculty of environmental science
Unijos faculty of environmental science
New senate building p-site

Faculty of engineering
Faculty of management sciences
Unijos permanent site

Unijos faculty of pharmaceutical science
Unijos faculty of pharmaceutical science


New Unijos library
Unijos library

Internal view of Unijos library

Compiled by : S. Reuben (ILP)

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