Digital Marketing Masterclass – 88 Lectures In One

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Last Updated on January 30, 2021 by thegiantreport

Digital Marketing Masterclass – 88 Lectures In One

Join over 50,000 students who have built and grown their businesses and career with this HUGE masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • Full understanding of Digital Advertising & Marketing Practices
  • The ability to think strategically about where and how to place ads
  • Programmatic Advertising & RTB (Real Time Bidding)
  • What the future holds for the digital advertising space
  • Expand your knowledge from beginner to advanced
  • Understand how retargeting works, and how advertisers serve you a message
  • Fully understand how location targeting works, GPS targeting, and beacons
  • Become a pro at contract negotiations
  • Social Media, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Search, and more


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