[100% OFF] Learn Rest API Automation Using Rest Assured

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Learn Rest API Automation Using Rest Assured

The Complete Rest API Automation Testing Using Rest Assured Masterclass

What you’ll learn

  • REST API Automation – Basic to Advanced
  • Become API Automation Engineer
  • Rest Assured Project Implementation
  • HTTP Methods
  • JSON and JSON Path
  • REST vs SOAP
  • XML and JSON Schema Validation
  • Postman
  • Various Types of Logging in Rest Assured
  • Working with Parameters
  • Working with Headers and Cookies
  • Implementing Basic and Digest Auth
  • Using oAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0
  • Learning Through Practice Exercises on Live API Services
  • Response Aware Matcher
  • Creating Mock WebService using WireMock
  • Default Configuration Setup in RestAssured
  • Validating Response Time
  • XML Namespace Validation


This course covers REST API Automation using Rest Assured in detail from basic to advanced levels. I believe in example-oriented teaching. So, you won’t find any PPTs during the sessions. But, you will find dozens of real time scenarios used to elaborate various API Automation concepts.


Feel free to post your questions/feedback in the block provided under each session-video. I will make sure all of your queries are addressed. ‘Course Outline’ below will give you an idea about the depth and the overall coverage of this course. If you want to learn any other REST Assured concept – which is not already covered in this course – then feel free to let me know via Udemy messenger.

Course Outline:

Basic concepts of APIs

  • What is an API?
  • Postman Basics
  • API Methods
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • What is Rest Assured?
  • JSON and JSON Path
  • JSON Schema
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Getting Started with Rest Assured

  • Rest Assured Setup Using Maven
  • Simple Get Request
  • Validate JSON Response
  • Validate XML Response
  • Extracting Response Data
  • Extracting Single Value From Response
  • Verifying Status Line


  • POST Using File
  • POST Using JSON Object
  • PUT Operation
  • DELETE Operation

Rest Assured Logging

  • Log All
  • Log Body and Headers
  • Log Cookies and Status
  • Log If Error
  • Log If Validation Fails

Handling Request Parameters

  • Query Parameters
  • Multiple Query Parameters
  • Multi-value Parameters
  • Path Parameters
  • Form Parameters

Working with Headers And Cookies

  • What Are Headers?
  • Sending Request Headers
  • Sending Headers Using Objects
  • Sending Cookies
  • Sending Cookies Using Builder
  • Validating Response Headers
  • Extracting Response Headers
  • Extracting Response Cookies


  • Basic and Digest Auth
  • oAuth 1.0
  • Twitter oAuth Example
  • oAuth 2.0


XML And JSON Schema Validation

  • JSON Schema Validation
  • XML DTD Schema Validation
  • XML XSD Schema Validation

WireMock: Creating Mock WebService using WireMock

  • WireMock Setup
  • Writing WireMock Stubs
  • Creating Stub Mapping using File Body
  • Recording Stub Mappings using WireMock Recorder

Miscellaneous Operations

  • Specifying Request Port
  • Default Configuration Setup in RestAssured
  • Validating Response Time
  • XML Namespace Validation
  • Response Aware Matcher

Course Outline Ends

This course is designed for you if you are:

  • a QE Automation Engineer OR
  • a Selenium WebDriver automation aspirant OR
  • a manual testing professional willing to jump start your automation carrier OR
  • a QTP/UFT professional wanting to switch to API automation as per testing market demand OR
  • a QE Manager exploring better automation solutions for your project OR
  • a fresh grad looking to learn a quick new skill which has high demand in the job market OR
  • aspiring to learn coding and automation
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To get the maximum benefit from the course, please take a look at following steps explaining ‘How to take this course?’

Step 1:  Schedule 30-45 minutes of your time daily for 5 days a week. ‘Continuity’ is the key.

Step 2:  All sessions are divided in small videos of less than 20 minutes. Watch 2-3 videos daily.

Step 3:  Hands-on exercise is very important. So, immediately try out the programs discussed in the session. Try them on your own. You can download these programs from lecture resources.

Step 4: Assignments with answer keys are provided where-ever necessary. Complete the assignments before jumping on to the next sessions.


Step 5:  If you come across any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me and I will make sure that your queries are resolved.

Wish you all a very happy learning.

Note: All the course videos are in  QHD. For the best video streaming quality, please adjust the resolution from ‘settings’ at bottom right-hand corner of video player. Choose 1080p or 720p as per your network speed.

Who this course is for:

  • API automation aspirant
  • QE Manager exploring better automation solutions for your project
  • Fresh grads looking to learn a quick new skill which has high demand in the job market
  • QE Testing Professionals
  • Selenium Testers
  • Automation Test Engineers
  • QE Automation Engineers
  • Automation Aspirants
  • Manual Testing Professionals
  • Software Testing Professionals
  • API Automation Engineers




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