FOREX Trading Secrets of BIG BANKS – Only 1% Traders Know

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FOREX Trading Secrets of BIG BANKS – Only 1% Traders Know

BEST Forex Trading Strategy. How to WIN 3-4 BIG trades per month based on manipulation mindset of BIG BANKS traders?

What you’ll learn

  • Forex Trading Secrets of Big Banks traders who are manipulating FOREX price charts everyday.
  • Once you know HOW Big Banks manipulate the price, you will WIN with Big Banks.
  • The 4-Step Big Banks trading strategy that only TOP 1% Traders know how to win in FOREX trading. You never heard before.
  • 2 patterns that let you know when Big Banks start a new trend. A new trend will last at least 100 – 300 days
  • 9 another patterns to confirm trading signals following Big Banks trends.
  • Insurance price bar to let you know when to enter a trade without emotions
  • The secret of risk management to help you win in the long-term trading


  • Living with disciplines
  • Follow rules
  • Simple math calculations

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn about Forex trading
  • Traders who are still losing money in Forex markets
  • Traders who don’t know why they are losing money in Forex markets
  • This course is NOT teaching you about day trading


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