The Complete Microsoft SharePoint MasterClass

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Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by thegiantreport

The Complete Microsoft SharePoint MasterClass

SharePoint Online – SharePoint 2016 – SharePoint 2019 – Microsoft SharePoint 365

What you’ll learn

  • What is SharePoint
  • Free Plans vs Paid Plans in Microsoft SharePoint
  • You Need a Microsoft Account For SharePoint
  • Registration of Domain in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Domain Configuration in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SharePoint Dashboard and Admin Panel
  • Microsoft SharePoint Environment
  • Two Type Website in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Inviting Someone to Your Website in SharePoint
  • Login Process of Invited User at Microsoft Share Point
  • Share Point Website Environment
  • SharePoint Webiste Menu Bar
  • Team Site Creation in SharePoint
  • Menu Edit Options in SharePoint
  • Adding Section in Share Point Team Site
  • Insert Option in SharePoint
  • Inserting Image in Team Site Share Point
  • Inserting Text in Team Site Share Point
  • Inserting File Viewer in Share Point Team Site
  • Inserting A Link In SharePoint Team Site
  • How to embed In SharePoint Team Site
  • High Lighted Content in Share Point Team Site
  • Audience Targeting in SharePoint Team Site
  • How to insert Bingo Map In SharePoint Team Site
  • Adding Call to Action In SharePoint Team Site
  • Adding Hero in SharePoint Team Site
  • Text, Media and Content Tools in Share Point
  • Adding Document Library in Share Point Team Site
  • How to Add List in Share Point Team Site
  • Adding List Properties in Share Point Team Site
  • Page Properties in SharePoint Team Site
  • Quick Links adding in SharePoint Team Site
  • Discovery and Collaboration Tools
  • Discovery and Collaboration Tools (cont.)
  • Conversation in SharePoint Team Site
  • Document Tab in Share Point Team Site
  • How to Insert List in SharePoint Team Site
  • Creating Page and Managing It on Share Point Site
  • Creating Document Library on SharePoint Team Site
  • Creating App in SharePoint Team Site
  • Creating Subsite in SharePoint
  • Recycle bin in Team site
  • Communication Site Creation
  • Communication Topics Site Creation
  • Admin Center in Share Point
  • Admin Center Menus
  • Admin Center Top Bar Menu
  • Admin Center of Microsoft SharePoint for Adding User
  • Account Overview in SharePoint Website
  • Security Info in Share Point Website
  • Account Settings in SharePoint (cont.)
  • Office Account in SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams Practically
  • Microsoft Free and Paid Plans
  • Function of Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Account Registration
  • Microsoft Teams Configuration
  • Microsoft Teams Desktop App
  • Microsoft Mobile App
  • Creating Org in Microsoft Team
  • Creating Teams and Channels in Org of Microsoft Teams
  • The Core Part of Microsoft Teams
  • Org, Teams and Channels Settings
  • Create, Add Users and Manage a Team
  • Complete Guide of Meeting Set-up
  • Collaborate with Teams
  • Schedule Team Meetings
  • Chat Management
  • Activity Management
  • Calls Management
  • Files Management
  • Microsoft Teams Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • Notification Settings
  • Device Settings
  • Permission Settings
  • Call Settings
  • Search Options
  • Microsoft Office Essentials
  • YouTube Apps in Microsoft Teams
  • Trello Apps – Stay on Top of Your Task List by Automatically Creating, Updating and Organizing Them in Trello
  • Wiki Tab Is Your Notes, on A Channel Level, that Includes a Hierarchy of Sections Within Listed Pages
  • OneNote The digital note-taking app for your devices
  • Polly Offers a Native Integration in Microsoft Teams to Foster Collaboration and Productivity
  • Karma as Daily Appreciation, Recognition and Rewards in Microsoft Teams
  • Powerful Password Creations for You and Your Users


  • No Previous Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office Experience Necessary!
  • A Laptop or Desktop with Internet Connection
  • Willingness to Learn 🙂



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