Excel Conditional Formatting from Basics to Formulas- SMASH!

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Excel Conditional Formatting from Basics to Formulas- SMASH!

Learn all about Conditional Formatting. From Beginner Level to Formula/Function Based Advanced Exercises

What you’ll learn

  • Highlight Cells Greater/Smaller/Between a certain Value
  • Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets
  • To Use Some functions to Format your data (includes AND, IF, SUM, SUMIF, COUNTIF, VLOOKUP, MATCH and more..)
  • Highlight Top/Bottom Values & Above and below Average
  • Formula base Formating
  • Productivity
  • Presenting Information


  • Having Excel installed, any excel version will do

Who this course is for:

  • People Learning Excel
  • People who want to learn Excel Conditional Formatting
  • Advanced users who might need to do a review and go back to the basics on excel conditional formatting
  • Beginners to Intermediate Users who want to develop their excel skills
  • People learning Microsft Office tools (Word, access etc.) that want to fill their knowledge gap with excel
  • Highschool, College Students Needing Excel for their Academic Works
  • Controllers that work with excel, power bi python and so on that will find conditional formatting very useful for developing their controls and alerts to the next level
  • Working Professionals in general as excel is needed in most professions (Accountants, Controllers, Engineers, Architects, Analysts, Managers, Human Resources Managers, Teachers, Professors etc.)



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