Data Engineering – ETL, Web Scraping ,Big Data,SQL,Power BI

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Data Engineering – ETL, Web Scraping ,Big Data,SQL,Power BI

Hands on Data Interaction using – ETL, Web Scraping ,Big Data,SQL,Power BI

What you’ll learn

  • Install Visual Studio
  • Install SQL Server and attach sample databases
  • Install SQL Server Data Tools and Templates Designers
Create new SQL SERVER Integration Services Project
  • Implement ETL Process
  • Test SSIS Package
  • Interact with database using SQL
  • Perform various database operations with SQL including CRUD
  • Extract data from a website using web scraping
  • Understand concepts of big data
  • Connect to multiple data sources with Power BI
  • Clean and transform data with Power BI
  • Create visual representation of data
  • Data Modelling with Power BI


  • Computer with internet access required.
  • Some software installation required which are covered in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn how to interact with various types of data.

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