Reverse Engineering: Create Your Own GUI CrackMe using C++

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Last Updated on March 3, 2021 by thegiantreport

Reverse Engineering: Create Your Own GUI CrackMe using C++

The fun way to learn how to build windows GUI programs by creating your own crackme’s for reverse engineering

What you’ll learn

  • C++ Programming
  • Creating Windows GUI Based Crackmes
  • Using Embarcadero C++ Builder
  • Installing C++ Builder
  • Simulate serial keys, trial periods, server activation, time
  • Simulate functionality limits
  • Create Trial Periods Crackme
  • Build Client-Server Activation System
  • Build Standalone Programs
  • Customizing GUI Windows Styles and Icons
  • Create Forms Labels Buttons Input Boxes
  • Showing Message Boxes
  • Build an Auto-generating Serial Number Crackme
  • Showing Nag Screens
  • Implementing Anti-Debugger Protection
  • and more…


  • Windows PC
  • Some basics in C++ Builder

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested to create their own crackme’s for practising reversing or CTF (Capture The Flag) challenges
  • Programmers who want to get started in Reverse Engineering but do not have any targets to practice on
  • Students who want to learn C++ Programming the fun way
  • Software Developers who want to rapidly test out new software protection ideas



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