Flutter BLoC – From Zero to Hero Complete Course

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Flutter BLoC – From Zero to Hero Complete Course

Understand, Learn & Practice the most robust Flutter state management – BLoC Library

What you’ll learn

  • BLoC Core Concepts – cubits, blocs, events, methods
  • Flutter BLoC Concepts – BlocProvider, BlocBuilder, BlocListener
  • BLoC Architecture – Presentation, Business Logic & Data Layers
  • BLoC Testing – Learn how to test your cubits & blocs
  • BLoC Access – Learn how to access cubits/blocs globally & locally
  • Bloc-to-bloc communication – Learn how two or more blocs/cubits can interact between each other
  • BuildContext In-Depth – Complete Tutorial on Flutter BuildContexts
  • Possible errors, problems and how to fix them
  • Storing app data to local storage by using Hydrated_Bloc Package
  • Debugging blocs/cubits


  • Small understanding on how Flutter works

Who this course is for:

  • Flutter Beginner curious on what is the most robust state-management solution
  • Flutter Developer who wants to learn about BLoC State Management really in-depth
  • Flutter Developer who wants to refresh their knowledge with BLoC



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