Advertising, Sales, Affiliate, and Digital Marketing Course

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Advertising, Sales, Affiliate, and Digital Marketing Course

UPDATED 2021:Manifest of Product Promotion, Advertising, Sales, Affiliate Marketing (DigiStore24), and Digital Marketing

What you’ll learn

  • Free traffic methods
  • Paid traffic methods
  • Why are influencers important in marketing
  • Bonus strategies for product promotions
  • email marketing introduction
  • How to create a Sales Page
  • Building your first sales page with MailerLite – Step-By-Step
  • Create email Campaign with MailerLite – Step-By-Step
  • Lets determine the price of your product
  • What is affiliate marketing and affiliate networks
  • DigiStore24 – Intro
  • Digistore24 from Vendor point of view
  • Step-By-Step – Adding your product to the Digistore24 and setting up your sales process and return policy
  • Digistore24 – Create Marketplace entry and setting up payout account
  • Digistore24 – How to be approved
  • Google Search Ads Campaign Intro
  • Google Keyword Match Types
  • Creating a Google Search Ads Campaign from Scratch – Step-By-Step
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • E-Commerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • How do I start YouTube live?
  • How to Live Stream On YouTube
  • What is the formula for unlimited video ideas?
  • How to Easily Go Live on YouTube From a Computer
  • How to make money on YouTube live?
  • How to promote YouTube Live Stream
  • How to create and recreate a live broadcast
  • How to choose your trending niche?
  • What is the best free software encoder for YouTube Live Stream
  • Tips to succeed with YouTube Live
  • How to get the most from Your Live Stream?
  • Examples of how you can use YouTube Live
  • Types of YouTube live stream
  • Why you should go for YouTube live


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