Learn Apache Spark to Generate Weblog Reports for Websites

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Learn Apache Spark to Generate Weblog Reports for Websites

Learn how to use Apache Spark to find out statistics about website(eCommerce) and the way to improve it using Databricks

What you’ll learn

  • In this course you will learn to create Weblog Report Generation for Ecommerce website log in Apache Spark using Databricks Notebook (Community edition)
  • Data: The data is Weblog or Website log of Ecommerce Server (Unreal Data or Morph data for Training Purpose)
  • Basics flow of data in Apache Spark, loading data, and working with data, this course shows you how Apache Spark is perfect for Big Data Reporting Engine job.
  • Learn basics of Databricks notebook by enrolling into Free Community Edition Server
  • Ecommerce Weblog Tracking Report generation Project a real world examples.
  • Graphical  Representation of Data using Databricks notebook.
  • Transform structured data using SparkSQL and DataFrames
  • Publish the Project on Web to Impress your recruiter


  • Apache Spark basic fundamental knowledge is required and SQL Basics
  • Following browsers on Windows and macOS desktop:
  • Google Chrome (Latest version), Firefox (Latest version), Safari (Latest version), Microsoft Edge* (Latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11* on Windows 7, 8, or 10 (with latest Windows updates applied)
  • *You might see performance degradation for some features on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.
  • The following browsers are not supported:
  • Mobile browsers.
  • Beta, “preview,” or otherwise pre-release versions of desktop browsers.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Apache Spark Developer, Bigdata Engineers or Developers, Software Developer


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