Forex Trading Like Banks – Step by Step with Live Examples

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Forex Trading Like Banks – Step by Step with Live Examples

Forex and Stocks Trading – For Beginners and Experienced – Insider Blueprints with Easy to Follow Analysis and Setups

What you’ll learn

  • How to professionally analyze price action
  • How to find profitable setups with low risk
  • How to locate the perfect entry point for trading setups
  • How to identify different types of bars and how they relate to profitable setups
  • Find the perfect signal and entry bars to locate only profitable trades
  • Identify bull and bear continuation signals to spot profitable trend trades
  • Identify reversal signals to find the best and the most profitable counter-trend trades
  • Learn exhaustions and climax price action setups and how to avoide being trapped by them
  • To avoid being trapped by fake breakouts
  • Successfully identifying and trading ranging markets
  • How to trade breakouts professionally
  • Learn about breakout failures and breakouts pullbacks
  • Successfully identifying and trading trending markets
  • The stress free techniques to trade for market to maximize profit
  • Understanding price action at bar level during ranging, trending and breakout setups
  • To Identify and to successfully trade common trend patterns
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes made by beginner traders


  • General knowledge of how to buy and sell using any trading platform is beneficial.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for beginner and intermediate traders who is already practicing forex trading and they want to take their trading into a professional level


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