[100% OFF] Python for Machine Learning with Numpy, Pandas & Matplotlib

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Python for Machine Learning with Numpy, Pandas & Matplotlib
Learn to Code in Python and How to use NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn by real time Machine Learning project.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Fundamentals of Python for effectively using Data Science
  • Use Python for Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Refresh Python basics with crash course
  • Make use of Numpy and Pandas to implement numerical algorithms
  • Data Manipulation
  • Learn to use NumPy for Numerical Data
  • Array and Matrix manipulation Library NumPy
  • Learn to use Numpy for Data Manipulation
  • Numpy functions
  • Understand and code using the Numpy stack
  • Learn to use Pandas for Data Analysis
  • Three important data structure of pandas : Series, Data Frame, Panel
  • Data Visualization
  • Visualise Data using Matplotlib and Seaborn


  • Some programming experience
  • Be comfortable with coding in Python
  • Windows/Linux/MAC machine
  • Desire to learn data science
  • Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today



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