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SQLite & SQL – Pirate Adventure with Shady Deals & Rum!

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SQLite & SQL – Pirate Adventure with Shady Deals & Rum!

Learning SQL during a pirate Adventure and become the Captain of databases to discover the 7 great tables of the world!

What you’ll learn

  • SQL & SQLite Simple & Complex Queries
  • Database Design
  • All about why and who should learn SQL
  • Create your own Sugar Plantation
  • Simple SQL Queries
  • Complex SQL Queries
  • Primary & Foreign Keys Relationships
  • Create your own Rum Business
  • Difference of Lightweight and Centralized Databases
  • Relational Databases
  • Choose a suitable Database Solution
  • Differences Between SQL and SQLite
  • The SQL Query Pattern
  • SQLite Studio
  • SELECT Command
  • WHERE Command
  • Filtering of Records
  • AND, OR, IN Statements
  • Advanced Query Modifiers
  • Grouping Records
  • Sorting Records
  • Aggregating Records
  • Filtering on already aggregated Records
  • CASE Command
  • JOIN Command
  • UNION Command
  • HAVING Command
  • ORDER BY Command
  • Table Design
  • DROP Command
  • CREATE Command
  • INSERT Command
  • UPDATE Command


  • No requirements needed


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