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Master Class: React + Typescript 2021 Web Development

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Master Class: React + Typescript 2021 Web Development

Learn to code the REACT WAY with fully Typescript codes and master all the functionalities that React offers

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to Code the REACT WAY
  • Learn Javascript Advance Concepts necessary to completely understand how React works
  • Learn all the functionalities that ReactJS offers and become a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Complete Understanding with React Hooks, ReactDOM, React Router, Redux, Server-side Rendering and a lot more!
  • Fully Typescript code using ReactJS for maintainable, robust and future proof application
  • Best Practices in Coding (No more messy codes)
  • Creating an E-commece Shop from scratch (with Redux Saga Middleware)
  • We will not use any UI Library in this course, instead I will teach you how to create reusable components so you can create your own UI Library
  • Experience is the best teacher, in this course you will experience a lot. That’s a guarantee.


  • Basic understanding of Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Burning passion to master web development using React + Typescript
  • No more requirement, Let’s start to code the React Way

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