[100% OFF] Machine Learning in R & Predictive Models |Theory & Practice

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Machine Learning in R & Predictive Models |Theory & Practice

Supervised & unsupervised machine learning in R, clustering in R, predictive models in R by many labs, understand theory

What you’ll learn

  • Your complete guide to unsupervised & supervised machine learning and predictive modeling using R-programming language
  • It covers both theoretical background of MACHINE LERANING & and predictive modeling as well as practical examples in R and R-Studio
  • Fully understand the basics of Machine Learning, Cluster Analysis & Predictive Modelling
  • Highly practical data science examples related to supervised machine learning, clustering & prediction modelling in R
  • Learn R-programming from scratch: R crash course is included that you could start R-programming for machine learning
  • Be Able To Harness The Power of R For Practical Data Science
  • Compare different different machine learning algorithms for regression & classification modelling
  • Apply statistical and machine learning based regression & classification models to real data
  • Build machine learning based regression & classification models and test their robustness in R
  • Learn when and how machine learning & predictive models should be correctly applied
  • Test your skills with multiple coding exercices and final project that you will ommplement independently
  • Implement Machine Learning Techniques/Classification Such As Random Forests, SVM etc in R


  • Availability computer and internet & strong interest in the topic




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