International Logistics & Transportation in Supply Chain.

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International Logistics & Transportation in Supply Chain.

Logistics Management, Freight Calculation, Documents in Export Import Logistics, Cargo Insurance, Inventory Transport

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding different modes of International Transport and Logistics in Shipment Planning.
  • Calculating Freight Rate for Less Container Load and Full Container Load.
  • Volume calculation for cargo in Sea and Air Logistics.
  • Learn the INCOTERM and understand the best suited as a Exporter and Importer and Logistics Professional
  • Understand the Importance of Cargo Insurance in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Role of Freight Forwarder and their importance in Logistics and Supply Chain Management .
  • Custom Clearance and H.S Code System in Logistics.
  • Calculate Custom Duty for Export and Import Logistics

  • Documents Involved in International Shipping and Logistics.
  • Air Logistics Freight Calculation
  • Practical Case Study and Charge Calculations with examples of Logistics.


  • Hunger to improve yourself and enhance your Logistics and Supply Chain Career
  • Positive attitude! to learn in-depth about Logistics and Supply Chain : )
  • A desire to master Logistics and Supply Chain Business and learn practical applied knowledge

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about International Shipping and Logistics business (only practical concepts that you can use and no boring theory + we won’t cover business topics that are common sense).
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals. Working in Operations, Manufacturing, Retail or Service sectors, Production and Industry
  • Financial Controllers, Accountants, Business Analysts & Consultants for Freight forwarding , Logistics and Supply Chain
  • MSME business owners in Export and Import, Freight Forwarding, Logistics
  • This is must course beginners and intermediate students/professionals in logistics, supply chain and operations management who want to improve and broaden their scope of knowledge on the subject.
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