Scientific Python: A-Z Data Science & Visualization 18 Hours

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Last Updated on March 26, 2021 by thegiantreport

Scientific Python: A-Z Data Science & Visualization 18 Hours

Scientific Python Masterclass Complete with REGEX, NumPy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Seaborn and Pandas + Notebook

What you’ll learn

  • Python – Bootcamp
  • SciPy – Scientific Python Software Stack
  • NumPy – Numerical Array Processing
  • Matplotlib – 2D Plotting and Visualization
  • Pandas – Data Frames & CSV Files
  • Scikit Learn – Python Machine Learning
  • Seaborn – Statistical Plotting
  • REGEX – Python RE (Regula Expressions)
  • PyTorch – Python Tensor Flow
  • Python – Data Mining Pipeline


  • Experience using Python is not necessary, because an easy to understand “Python Bootcamp Tutorial” is included!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with any background that interested in Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Who wants to perform computational computing with Python
  • Students who want to learn Scientific Python to improve their career prospects


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