Vue Vuex Firebase Messaging App (Slack Clone)

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Vue Vuex Firebase Messaging App (Slack Clone)

Learn Advance Vue JS VueX and Firebase techniques to build Modern Realtime Web Application

What you’ll learn

  • Intermediate level Vue Js
  • Learn to use Vuex in Vue Js Project
  • Build Slack Clone
  • Build Advance Realtime Messaging App
  • Intermediate level Firebase Realtime Database Usage
  • Social Login with Google
  • Social Login with Twitter
  • Securing Routes
  • Custom Firebase Database Rules
  • Public Channels
  • Private Channels – One to one user based chat
  • User online/offline status
  • Notifications
  • File upload
  • Deploy to firebase hosting


  • Basic knowledge of Vue JS

Who this course is for:

  • Someone with basic knowledge of Vue JS who wants to build Advance Realtime Web Apps with Firebase


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