Complete Video Game Music Composition & Music Theory Secrets

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Complete Video Game Music Composition & Music Theory Secrets

Learn video game music composition techniques to compose music for any type of video game: Use psychological tricks

What you’ll learn

  • Psychological music theory secrets to manipulate players into feeling specific emotions
  • The game composer’s job, mindset, and approach to composing for games
  • How the orchestra works, and how to set up a virtual orchestra in your DAW
  • Compositional guidelines for writing melodies, basslines, harmonies, chords, and rhythms
  • How to score for emotion, setting, and mood/atmosphere
  • Game-specific compositions like stingers, main titles, pause menus, multiplayer menus, character music, etc.
  • How to ensure your music is immersive and doesn’t become distracting at any point
  • How adaptive music works, and which audio-integration techniques game developers may ask you to compose for
  • How to compose for various genres of a video game, including Linear, Non-Linear, and Interactive
  • Essential techniques to mix and master orchestral music, and get your music sounding balanced, wide, and professional


  • Know how to use a DAW (FL Studio, Ableton, Logic, etc.)
  • Understand basic music theory (note names, chords, major/minor, etc)
  • An ability to create music from scratch (EDM, pop, film scores, traditional music, etc.)
  • A desire to compose amazing music for games

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner composers who want to know how to composer great music for games
  • Intermediate composers who are looking to branch into game music, or further their skills
  • Expert composers just looking to learn new tips and techniques


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