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JavaScript Fundamentals: A Course for Absolute Beginners

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JavaScript Fundamentals: A Course for Absolute Beginners

Learn JavaScript Fundamentals from the Scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Explain what is JavaScript and its environment contexts
  • Understand the difference between JavaScript and EcmaScript
  • Explain Data Types
  • Describe the difference beween coercion and casting as well as JavaScript’s implicit casting
  • Explain Complex Data Types
  • Discuss the basics of JavaScript: Rules of language and quirks
  • Learn how to create your own objects
  • Explain Control Flow
  • Define Basic Functional Programming Statements
  • Understand Error Handling


  • Anyone with a passion for learning a new tool and who has completed at least high school education
  • Knowledge of programming language is not necessary but is an advantage

Who this course is for:

  • Students with a little knowledge of JavaScript and want to learn it from the scratch.


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