Become an UltraLearner: The #1 Study Framework for Success

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Become an UltraLearner: The #1 Study Framework for Success

Improve memory & productivity by using efficient learning strategies and study skills. Learn faster with speed reading


You are unique and you probably heard that everybody learns differently. That is why the Course “Become an Ultralearner: Study skills & Learning strategies” will teach you a game-changing new Framework to apply the memory & study skills that are right for you:

Learning = The time you learn x your efficiency and speed – what you forget

Think about your study performance looking at this simple Framework:

  • If you spend too little time studying, you are less likely to write a good grade or develop youself.
    Therefore, you will learn some strategies on how to spend more time studying while enjoying doing so too.
  • If you are not efficient or are not reading fast enough, you are not making the most of your time.
    Therefore, I will teach some techniques on how to learn more efficient and fast for instance speed reading.
  • If you forget quickly, you will have to relearn stuff over and over again, also reducing your Learning capabilities.
    Therefore, this course includes ways on how to remember more & forget less.

To assure that you can apply those learning strategies to your unique personality, I will teach a number of memory & study skills so you can pick a couple from each of the areas to boost your performance & productivity. Those include:

  • Speed Reading to become a productivity machine at University or work
  • The Loci Method to become a memory champion and remember more
  • Visualization to increase your focus and unlock your full potential
  • Using your Emotions to remember more as well as to forget less
  • and many more insights that will make you wiser & smarter
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Who this course is for:

  • University and High-School Students
  • Life long Learners that want to improve the #1 Skill to be successful in Life
  • Individuals that are eager to finally know a Learning strategy that is right for them

What you’ll learn

  • Become a smarter as well as more successful student through Efficient Learning & Study skills.
  • Boost your Personal Mastery and accelerate your path to life-long learning & personal development.
  • Enhance your Productivity & Focus.
  • Increase your Memory capabilities.
  • This course will teach you to learn efficient, also called Meta-Learning or Learning how to Learn.
  • Learning strategies & Learning techniques such as the Loci Method, Speed Reading and many more.


  • This course is accessible to all that are eager to learn how to learn
  • However, a general knowledge of memory & study skills can be benefitial as this course focuses on the bigger Picture


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