Arduino Build your own Robot ARM with Voice Recognition

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Learn Arduino by building a 3d print Robot Arm with Voice Recognition, Accelerometer, Sounds, and more electronic

Arduino Build your own Robot ARM with Voice Recognition

What you’ll learn

  • Programming Arduino.
  • Programming the Arduino to work with each of the electronic component
  • Connecting all of the Peripherals component that are in the bionic arm to an Arduino, such as : Leds, Lasers, Accelerometer unit, Voice recognition, Sound card and Servo motors.
  • How to Program the Voice Recognition Unit with your own voice, and how to connect it to the Arduino + programming Arduino to communicate with the Voice recognition Unit.
  • Connecting all of the parts, i will give you my schematic – very easy to read, with photos and i will explain it with Videos for every step
  • Building Bionic ARM, Fully functional with Voice Recognition, Sounds, rubber band minigun and much more!
  • How to 3D print the parts of the bionic arm
  • How to upload the sounds to the Sound Card
  • Where to buy all of the electronic parts needed!


  • NO NEED for 3d printer in order to learn about the Arduino and the Arduino components such as the voice recognition and the sound board
  • Arduino nano Board with all of the bionic arm electronic components(I added a video with the list of the parts u will need+links for buying them!)
  • 3D printer needed for students who wants to build the full arm(I am using old and cheap 3d printer, added some better 3d printers links in the description…)

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about Arduino
  • Anyone who wants to learn about these Components and how to connect them to an Arduino
  • Anyone who wants to build this full functional bionic arm!


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