Apache Spark In-Depth (Spark with Scala)

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Apache Spark In-Depth (Spark with Scala)

Apache Spark In-Depth (Spark with Scala)

What you’ll learn

  • Apache Spark from scratch to in-depth, starting from simple word count program to Batch Processing to Spark Structure Streaming, Performance Tuning, Optimization, Application Development and Deployment.
  • Completing this course will also make you ready for most interview questions
  • Includes Optional Project and path to success


  • No Pre-requisite required. Curiosity to learn new technology.
  • Good to know: Hadoop Basics and Scala Basics.
  • Excellent if you have completed my below 2 data engineering courses: “Big Data Hadoop and Spark with Scala” and “Scala Programming In-Depth

Who this course is for:

  • People looking to advance their career in Data Engineering, Big Data, Hadoop, Spark
  • Already working on Big Data Hadoop/ Spark and want to clear the concepts


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