Bash Shell Programming for Data Sciences: Animated

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Innovative Project-based Animated Linux Command Line Masterclass: Bash Shell Programming Data Mining Science- 7.5 Hours

Bash Shell Programming for Data Sciences: Animated

What you’ll learn

  • Use Bash to quickly sort, search, match, replace, clean and optimise various aspect of a data set
  • Use bash in processing real-world data sets (included)
  • Use Bash commands and scripting
  • Use Regular Expressions (RegEX) in Bash
  • Use AWK programming language commands to tweak and format data
  • Use SED and GREP to quickly search in large-scale data sets


  • A Linux based operating system installed on your computer

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn Bash and the command line to improve their career prospects
  • Researchers who want to add Bash and other command line tools to their bag of tricks
  • Scientists who want to learn to explore and analyze the data that their lab generates
  • Journalists who want to polish their reporting by analyzing publicly-available datasets
  • Anyone wants to deal with Big Data


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