Angular 8 with Project

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Create Angular Project from scratch, Basics of the web platform and framework Angular, building PWAs with Angular

Angular 8 with Project

What you’ll learn

  • Creating Footer – In this section we will see angular footer is a website’s additional navigation. It may include a variety of elements such as ties, buttons, business information, copyrights, shapes, and more. You can change the color of the footer by using one of our color groups.
  • Syntax for Footer – In this topic we will apply the syntax for creating footer which will be an additional navigation for the website that can hold several information pertaining to the website.
  • Header Component – In this section we will see how to create header in the website which is the basic component of a website.
  • Security related Feature – In this topic we will discuss the security features of the website in which Angular helps users to make integration on the client side easier.
  • Defining the Router – In this section we will see that router is a foundational component of the Angular framework. It allows developers to create Single Page Applications with various views that can be navigated between.
  • Defining the Constructor – In this topic we will see a constructor is a special method that is called whenever new objects are created. In addition, it is commonly used to initialize the members of a class.
  • Create & Delete using Post – In this section we will see that this method is used to transfer information to a computer. This is a command that is used to update data. This command is used to remove information from the register.
  • Get and Delete Methods – In this topic we will see that when the response is received the Angular component displays the status message ‘Delete successful.
  • Creating Login Component – In this topic we will learn how to create the login components which contains a login form with username and password fields in a website using Angular.
  • Components in Routing File – In this section we will see components serve as the foundation for Angular applications

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  • Basic knowledge in JS Framework or Web development will be an additional benefit.
  • Computer with Windows, Linux, or macOS
  • Having basic knowledge with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals and experts in the area of Web development.
  • Students who wants to pursue their career in the area of development.
  • Anyone from non technology background who wish to learn Angular and its concepts


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