IT fundamentals and basic with AWS for super beginners

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Beginner engineers and non-engineers can comprehensively learn basic IT knowledge through AWS operation

IT fundamentals and basic with AWS for super beginners


This course is suitable for complete beginners to even those with some prior IT knowledge. Without any pre-requisites, all participants will gain a strong foundation in the IT theory and application of these skills using tools like AWS. This course consists of the following two lecture styles..

・ Theory lectures used to understand fundamental IT concepts and skills of IT

・ Hands-on tutorials used to experience practical IT tools, like AWS operations

The purpose of this course is for those with zero current IT background to gain sufficient IT knowledge, and to gain confidence in applying these IT skills in real-world scenarios. After learning the theory of servers, networks, databases, etc., you will be able to experience their usage through Hands-on a AWS operations, creating your own server, networks, databases, and much more. .

・Understanding  IT

What is IT?
IT usage scene

・Understanding a server

Understanding  a server
Build a server on AWS
Learning Public key authentication method
Reconfirm server role
MAC Operation for EC2
Backup EC2 (creating AMI)

・Network basic knowledge

Network basics
Network basics (IP address and URL)
Network and internet
Subnet mask and subnet
Protocol and OSI reference model
Build a network  on AWS
Build a server in VPC
Use Route53 as DNS server
・Understanding a database

・Understanding virtualization and the cloud

・Understanding web application development.

・SoR and SoE development and IT human resources requirements

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Who this course is for:

  • IT engineer beginners
  • Those who have just joined an IT company.
  • Non-engineers who want to understand IT


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