Python Programming Course Packed With 15 Applications

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Learn The Essential Python 3 Programming Skills To Build 15 and more Applications To Master Python For Beginners!

Python Programming Course Packed With 15 Applications


Learn the programming fundamentals with Python 3 Python for beginners Complete Python Bootcamp! Rise from a beginner to an advanced level programmer in no time ⌚! This specialized course is truly meant to make you an advanced level programmer !

Whether you become a Python developer,  Full Stack Web Developer or Data Scientist – this course will help you in every way and we will do the same by not just learning but mastering the skills as well! And to the same we will create 15+ applications with python like:

  • Dice Roller  : Python GUI application with tkinter to generate random dice outputs
  • Total Seconds & Days Counter : Another GUI Python application which will calculate how much days and seconds one has lived
  • Length Converter : Interchange length units like Foot, Meters & Inch with Python programming through a Python GUI application
  • Image to Icon Converter : Convert .png, .jpg, .jpeg, etc. images into icons with python gui programming
  • Random element selector : Pass a certain number of choices like blue dress or red dress and get a decision picked
  • Data Analysis : Analyze data with numpy and pandas library
  • Data Visualization : Plot different visuals of data like bar charts, pie charts, graphs, area plots, etc. with matplotlib
  • Trees Survey Report : Generate a survey report with data science
  • User Credentials Data : Manage the credentials of users like first name, last name, email, etc.
  • Sales Data Report : Analyze the sales report in a week with Python Data Analysis
  • eBook Store : Become an full stack developer with django 3 and create an ecommerce website development with html, css & bootstrap
  • Weight Predictor : Create a machine learning python model to predict the age of a person if his height is known
  • Rainy or Clear Weather : Predict whether it will rain or not by passing some parameters to classification model
  • Flavor Predictor : Find out what flavor does a person like if age & gender is known with machine learning
  • Rating Bot : Create a natural language processing model to rate comments & reviews automatically
  • Face Recognizer : Perform human face recognition with Computer Vision and opencv
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But before jumping into creating the above applications we need to learn how to create them i.e. learning the basics of python programming. But just learning through video lessons isn’t enough so after each lesson you need to perform coding exercises, complete tests and take quizzes to master them as well.

Starting with the basics, we will learn from short video lessons to grasp information without turning it to boredom. Then you’ll take quizzes to test your knowledge  and then perform coding exercise to practically apply your skills. There are over 100 exercise throughout this course in the form of video lessons, coding exercises, tests, quizzes, assignments and workbooks. After each level i.e. beginner or intermediate level you’d have to take a test to pass that level.

After creating the strong base, we will apply what we have learned and the best way to do so is to build applications! That’s why we will perform the followings:

  • Python GUI
  • Data Science
  • Full Stack Web Development with Django
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision

I’m very excited to lead you into the world of programming with python and make you successful whether it ‘s as a Python Developer, GUI Application Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Researcher or AI Researcher; you’ll be able to run in any field without hesitation!



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