[100% OFF] Cinematic Success: Get started in video production

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The affordable alternative to film school

Cinematic Success: Get started in video production


Hi, I’m Dan, I’ve worked in Learning and development for 8 years doing everything from classroom training for large business, to digital learning for small businesses. I have had a passion for video production for 6 of those too, in which I’ve created video content for small one man companies, to companies with over 1500 employees.


I’m putting together a course which aims to show all new and upcoming video producers everything they need to know in order to succeed in the video world, without having to spend thousands on Film School.

This course is a series of Bite sized, straight to the point modules covering everything from getting started through to editing, finding clients and starting a business.


With effective video lessons, knowledge checks and personal mentoring, I strive to ensure learners retain as much as they can!

I love creating content, and with my experience in both learning & development, and video production I believe that I can help you grow from a complete newcomer, to an experienced videographer!

Within Cinematic success you will learn everything about getting started, including what to look for when buying cameras, lenses, filters, mics etc, all the way through to composing scenes, storytelling, editing, registering as a business and much much more!

if you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at Dan@Cinematicsuccess.com



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