[100% OFF] Project Based Excel VBA Course with Business Examples

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Learn Excel VBA quickly and efficiently with plenty of projects as practice

Project Based Excel VBA Course with Business Examples


This course is geared towards beginner, intermediate and advanced Excel users who want to increase their coding skills by learning real world business examples. This course provides the information necessary for someone who has no knowledge of programming to learn the basics of programming, while at the same time learning how to create useful macros with VBA in Excel.


Projects covered:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Excel VBA coding
  • Create dynamic Excel templates
  • Automate saving Excel templates as PDFs
  • Send emails with attachments from Outlook and Gmail
  • Automate Internet Explorer and Chrome (using Selenium) for web tasks
  • Interact with multiple Excel files
  • PDF form filling
  • Interact with APIs
  • Web scrape using HTTP requests
  • Parse text in a PDF
  • Dynamically split and merge PDFs
  • Loop through files in a folder
  • Mass rename and mass copy files
  • Learn about HTML, JSON and XML


Every line of code in the course includes comments, so you’re not left guessing what each line of code does. Also, a video is included for every coding related section.

You’ll learn how Excel VBA can be used for a lot of tasks beyond just with Excel. By the end of the course, you will have all of the scripts and knowledge to implement VBA programs from scratch. Learning how to write VBA code will allow Excel users to automate many tasks in Excel, saving you time in the long run. Let’s begin!

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Who this course is for:

  • Excel users looking to learn VBA coding, while learning real-world business examples
  • Business professionals who’d like to simplify & automate their work flow
  • For beginners, there is a fundamentals section
  • Data analysts and web scrapers



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