[100% OFF] IT Recruiting – Complete system for IT Recruitment

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IT recruiting for IT recruiter and IT recruitment specialists: Linkedin, Facebook recruitment, ATS, Interview management

IT Recruiting – Complete system for IT Recruitment


In this course, I will share with you the complete recruitment system that I have developer as an IT Recruiter working with the best International firms.

This course uses 0 dry and complex language. I have made very simple and very straightforward. Every step is detailed and simplified so that anyone can understand it.

You will also find a lot of practical examples to illustrate each point and step.

The course is built around the key steps of any IT recruiting process –

– Overall view of the  process, which will explain you what are the steps and why we are doing them so that you have a good understanding of recruiting IT profiles

– Creating a gold detector. This module will show you how to create a perfect system to assess and test your applicants throughly so that you minimize the risk of hiring B and C players. This process is automated as much as possible and the module will show you how to do this.


– Sourcing the Best A-players in IT Recruiting. This module will show you how to implement a sourcing strategy to maximize the best profiles whilst also avoiding high competition. With this sourcing strategy you will simplify your sourcing process and automated it to find the best IT specialists at lower cost.

– Interviewing for A-Players. This module will teach you steps by steps how to conduct the best interviews for your IT recruiting process. This is not a module with a few tips and ideas – this is a complete interviewing process to enable you to scientifically select the best applicants. This module itself is worth the entire course that I am selling here.

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– Creating your own ATS (applicant tracking system). This module will show you how to create your own ATS to automate the entire recruitment process. The number one problem with IT recruiting is the time it takes for you to source, process emails and CV, select, interview… Forget about all this. This module is the real deal and will show you how to automate every single steps so that you can recruit the best A-Players in less than 10 minutes per day.

On top of all this I have included my secret list of the best websites and social media groups for you to source great IT specialists for a fraction of the cost.

I have also included resources for you to perfectly define the profiles and testing needed for each of your IT recruiting needs / missions.


Who this course is for:

  • Startup and SaaS owners who need to source top IT talents at scale, but do not have the budget to hire the top IT recruiting firms
  • IT recruiters who want to significantly improve their process and system
  • Startup and SaaS operations managers who are asked to recruit IT Talents but do not know how to do it properly
  • Any entrepreneur who want to implement a high-performing IT recruiting process in their business and hire real IT A-players
  • Anyone who wants to get into IT Recruiting and makes significant money – this course is a complete system, with this course you can start recruiting IT specialists from day 1





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