[100% OFF] Mastering Piano With Amar – From Zero To Piano Master In One

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Learn Piano From One Of The Best Classical Pianists In East Europe & Turn Your Hobby Into an Expert Skill

Mastering Piano With Amar – From Zero To Piano Master In One


Say hello to the most in-depth piano course on Udemy (and very likely anywhere else), that is able to turn any beginner and rookie piano player into an advanced pianist by the end of the program.

Now that’s an extremely big claim I know. And you might even be asking yourself ‘how on earth is something like that even possible?’.


And the truth is – it’s more than possible!

Because it’s not about your skill and level of experience ( of course those things matter when it comes to progress ). But it’s about the quality and the structure of your learning experience that determines how fast you become an ‘expert’ at something like piano.

My Udemy course (unlike the majority of the ones currently available ) is structured in a very strategic way, and follows a trademark learning pattern that ensures you ( the student ) learn all the right things at the right time.

Many courses that I’ve researched start off with teaching chords, teaching songs and putting you straight into a practice that you aren’t ready for – which unfortunately damages your progress and stops you from mastering the true art of playing piano and developing real technique.

With my piano course ( that I truly believe is like nothing else currently out there) that won’t be a problem.

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In-fact, you’ll be getting access to one of the most complete, in-depth piano courses out there that DOESN’T just teach you specific segments of playing piano, like ‘music theory’, ‘learning chords’ and etc.

But a course that goes over EVERYTHING you need to learn and know in-order to become an advanced, high-level piano player in the shortest time possible.

15 years of unteachable knowledge turned into 9.5 hours of valuable content

It took me 15 years of consistent practice, trial and mastery to figure out what works and what doesn’t on piano.

By getting this course, you’ll be avoiding a steep learning curve and taking advantage of previous information that took me literally 15 years to build (in just 9.5 hours of learning)

In this course we will cover up 15 topics starting from complete beginning, which means you dont need any prior knowledge.

A course for anyone that wants to become a master:

The best thing about my piano course is it doesn’t matter how much of a beginner you think you are. This course will deliver the same amazing value whether it be for:

  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Those without any musical knowledge or experience.
  • Those without any piano playing experience.
  • Anyone who wants to learn piano from scratch.


About me & my qualifications

Hi I’m Amar – your piano coach.

I’m very passionate about music, and even more passionate about teaching it to students of various skill levels.

I earned my Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and also my Masters and Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Utah; while also studying privately with well-renowned pianist Sergei Babayan.

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Along with that I’m also a prizewinner at the 2015 National Chopin Competition ( the top tier of piano competitions) third prize winner at the 2014 Washington International Piano Competition, and prize winner at many more competitions (that I don’t want to bore you to death with)


I know what it takes to become an advanced piano player that stuns a room into silence. Let me teach you how to do the same.

Grab my course today and let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Kids Who Want To Learn Piano
  • Piano Students
  • Anybody Who Wants To Learn To Play Piano



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