[100% OFF] Learn Azure Infrastructure As Code using JSON ARM templates

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Learn the Azure ARM templates basics, start building infra as code with this complete beginner’s course

Learn Azure Infrastructure As Code using JSON ARM templates



This is a unique course designed to help you to understand the infra as code concept from the ground up. This means you do not need any upfront knowledge. I will explain everything in detail while I present it in practice. After learning basic knowledge, we create many templates in which you learn how to create infrastructure as code using Azure ARM templates. Moreover, you learn how to automate it using Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.



What makes this course unique is that I show all steps while I am explaining and it is a pure programming experience. I did not edit so much of the videos to keep the pace as normal as I am doing at my work. So you can follow along and do it together with me. This is exactly how I teach my colleagues to do this.


These days it is quite important to have everything as code. It is the same for pipelines. In this course, you get familiar with Azure JSON ARM templates which you use in creating Azure infrastructure. You learn ARM templates syntax and its structure to start creating your infrastructures. All concepts are covered with examples and you will have access to resources to try that with your account.



During the course, I am always available to help you with your questions and perhaps problems you are facing. The aim of this course is to equip you with enough knowledge to understand the infrastructure as code, start creating an infra as code and be able to automate it. This course gives you enough knowledge to gain a new DevOps skill and start developing infrastructure as code in your existing projects or be prepared for a new job!

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Who this course is for:

  • Beginners on Azure Infrastructure who is interested to learn about infrastructure as code
  • Beginners on DevOps who is interested to learn about Infrastructure As Code
  • Anyone who works with Azure Infra who is interested to learn how to automate infrastructure as code




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