[100% OFF] ECCouncil : Certified Ethical Hacker certification Exam 2021

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best practice Test for Certified Ethical Hacker certification 2021: CEH

ECCouncil : Certified Ethical Hacker certification Exam 2021


What is a Certified Certified Ethical Hacker? CEH certification is the most

breakthrough in ethical hacking. It covers 18 of the largest areas

that every ethical hacker will want to know in order to develop skills in the field

information security. Through these 18 modules, the training covers more than 270

technical attacks which are the most used by hackers.

What are the resources available to participants? More than 140 labs

taking up real scenarios mentioned during the training have been created to help you

perceive an attack as if it were real. You will also have access to over 2,200

well-known hacking tools and over 2200 slides, specially designed for you

help to master the complex concepts of security.

What does this training lead to? The objective of this training is to help you master a methodology of

ethical hacking that could be used in a penetration test as well as in an ethical hacking situation. You

will leave the room with ethical hacking skills that are highly sought after, as will, overall, the

Certified Ethical Hacker certification! This training will prepare you to pass the Certified Ethical certification exam



This CEH training is provided by an ATC center approved by EC COUNCIL.


Pass the CEH Certified Ethical Hacker certification and become CEH Certified

• Master an ethical hacking methodology

• Learn how to scan, test and hack your own system.

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• Understand how perimeter defense works

• Acquire the privileges and actions implemented to secure a system

• Understand penetration tests or ethical hacking situations.

• Detect intrusions

• Establish a policy for the creation of: social engineering, incident management and

interpretation of logs.

• Have technical auditor skills in IT security.

• Prepare, Revise and Acquire the tips and tricks to pass the official CEH Certified exam

Ethical Hacker

Who this course is for:

  • All Levels



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