Best Websites To Download Korean Drama for Free

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Korean drama serials are popular among the teens for their engaging content, beautiful and actors, and strong storyline. If you are one of those people who look for Korean drama sites, then this article will interest you. In this list, we are providing the 20 best websites to download Korean dramas for free in 2022. You can stream the content online or download the videos as per your own choice.

You might be finding it difficult to watch or download Korean drama series because Most of the pages to watch Korean dramas o the Internet have disappeared and this is because many of these pages are not legal they are mostly having copyright issues.

In this article we will walk you through the practical steps and sites to download the kdrama series for free.


KissAsian kdrama download

KissAsian is another famous and reputable online K-drama site. You will find several Korean dramas on this site with different categories, such as action, romance, comedy, and others. Also, it offers an easier approach to download Korean drama.

Moreover, the layout of the website is simple and user-friendly. Navigating through this Korean drama website would be easy and enjoyable. You can enjoy Korean drama free download with no fear of malware.

Further, the content keeps updating each day on the website. So, you will stay up to date with this website.



Dramago download kdrama

Dramago is another one of the best Korean drama sites. You will enjoy navigating through this website due to its straightforward layout. All the Korean dramas available are listed on the homepage. You will have no difficulty in finding out the drama you want to watch.

Moreover, it also lists the top, famous, and super hit Korean dramas separately. That makes it easier for users to search for the best Korean dramas. So, this website will save you time as well as offer the best Korean content.

Gooddrama is a relatively well-known and popular Korean drama website. You can visit the website for Korean drama download or stream them online. The interface of the site is user-friendly and offers a wide range of content. You can watch and download Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas and movies from this site.

This is one of the best Korean drama sites that are easy to navigate. You can easily visit the website and search for a Korean drama to download or stream online.

But, the only thing that can irk you is the advertisements. This website has enabled advertisements that interrupt the video streaming. 

NewAsian TV

New Asian vtv

NewAsianTV is the most approachable website to download Korean dramas for free. As the name indicates, it features all the dramas and movies by various Asian countries. You can find Korean, Japanese, and Chinese content on this site.

The UI of this Korean drama website is user-friendly. You can easily search for many dramas on this site without any problem. However, there is one issue that you can encounter on this website. It is not available in every country; you will have to check if it is available in yours.

Viki – Korean drama free download

Viki Asian

Viki is another of the best Kdrama sites and famous for playing Korean dramas in many countries. The best feature of this Korean drama website is that it has subtitles available in many languages. So, you can enjoy the videos in multi-languages.

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Moreover, you will find a ton of Korean content on this website. The only annoying feature of this site is the bombardment of advertisements. Many ads play during video streaming that distracts users.



DramaBeans is another Korean drama website similar to many other sites mentioned in this list. This best Korean drama website has numerous content available on it. It offers many dramas and movies by Asian countries, including Korea, China, and Japan.

Further, it is one of the oldest K-drama sites with access to all the old Korean drama serials. You can navigate through the website and look for the dramas you want to watch. Moreover, the visitors get lifetime access to the Korean content on this website.



Dramacool is one of the best Korean drama websites. It looks like a blog with written material; however, in reality, it has videos to watch. You will find a massive collection of Korean drama serials on this website. All the new and old Korean dramas and movies are updated on this site.

Further, it is a website to download Korean dramas for free. You do not have to pay any amount to stream a video on this site. Also, you can watch the videos online or download them for later. Additionally, the content available is in HD quality.

You will get endless Korean content to watch on this website. This is one of those Korean drama sites that keep updating its videos and uploading fresh content.



One of the most attractive Korean drama free download websites is mydramalist. The layout with a mix of blue and white appears really cool. With its user-friendly UI, people love to visit this site to watch Korean dramas free.

You will find new Korean drama serials uploaded quickly on this site. The owners keep updating the episodes and latest content. So, you can surf this site and download videos without any fear of malware or virus. It is a very safe site to download Korean dramas free.

Further, the navigation of this website is straightforward and easy. But, it is not the best one out there. is yet another one of the most trusted Korean drama sites. People consider it one of the best Korean drama websites for its services. You can stream any Korean drama online on this website.

Moreover, it has a fantastic user-friendly interface and layout, which is easy to navigate. This amazing layout attracts visitors and offers an easy search.

Further, the website also has its application that you can download. It helps you stay updated regarding the new Korean drama serials.  


If you are looking for a safe website to download Korean dramas for free, then try VIU. You do not need to make an account or pay for this service. That means this Korean drama website is available for free to use.

This K-drama site keeps updating its library on a daily basis. The content uploaded on this site is in HD quality.



animetv is the favorite website of Korean anime lovers. This Korean drama site allows the users to browse through the website effortlessly. So, you can watch any series even on the slow internet. Moreover, it also has a few features that give lifetime access to some Korean dramas.

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This Korean drama website is similar to many other Korean drama sites. However, as the most prominent hub of Korean content, people visit this website frequently from various countries.



Netflix is famous among the masses due to its services. People can find several dramas, TV shows, or movies on this platform. Moreover, it features the content of many countries and languages. You can stream any movie of your choice online on this site.

However, you need to pay for a subscription to this website. Once you get the subscription, you can watch Korean drama serials on this site.


Kocowa is a website same as Netflix. You need to get a subscription to this Korean drama website. Once you subscribe and acquire the premium version of this K-drama site, you can download Korean dramas in HD. Also, you get to disable the advertisements.

Kocowa is quick and efficient in its purpose. It uploads the Korean dramas within a day from their telecasting. However, this website to download Korean dramas is available only in North and South America.


WeTV is one of the new K-drama sites to stream Korean dramas. Despite being new, the content library of this Korean drama website is growing fast. Moreover, you can also watch dramas and movies from other Asian counties on this site.

Besides, the owner of this website is the same as that of PUBG. Also, it has many Android and iOS applications available.


SMALLENCODE is a Korean drama website that comes with small encoded videos to stream Asian dramas. This website to download Korean dramas for free has divided the sections into categories.

Through this website, you can watch and search for many dramas, movies, concerts, music shows, and anime. It offers complete details of the content that streams on the website. For instance, you can check the running time, language, country, and many more.

AsianCrush- Korean drama sites

Asian is another website to download Korean drama. It is a site where you catch Korean drama with a free download. Even though it is free, but the videos available on this website are in HD quality




Good design, beautiful and intuitive

It has push notifications. This allows you to be informed of any news (premiere of a new drama, an episode, etc.) on the mobile instantly

The web has a lot of dramas.

The chapters have special options to make them look better on mobile

The structure of the page is very well organized. It is easy to navigate through the different categories

Good subtitling equipment

The chapters are loaded quickly

The page is constantly updated with the latest news in the world of K-dramas


They have pop-up ads that sometimes get in the way




You can watch episodes free online with English subtitle

Good looking website and easy to navigate

Easy to download Korean drama, the button is visible with no distractions.

Supports commenting

Main player supported Chromecast & Airplay. You can use it to streaming on your TV.


Ads can only be skipped after 10 seconds

Popup ads can really be annoying.

Now, you have a complete list of the best websites to download Korean dramas for free. Go to these K-drama sites and enjoy your favorite Korean dramas

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