Yahoo Boys Latest Formats 2022 : How it works

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Last Updated on December 17, 2021 by thegiantreport

Get Latest formats for Yahoo Boys and learn how the work. And how you could apply them to cashout.

This is the main brain idea you need to apply to convince your client and collect money from them, we have many how to become a Yahoo boy formats;

  • -A Business Man In Another Country ( Foreign county)
  • -A Kidnapped Rich man in another Country ( Foreign County )
  • -Sick lover needed money for survival

You can still create your own , it depends on how you want to twist it to your client for better believing and understanding

Yahoo boy Format Advanced  method
Getting your client credit card can be getting in a different way , eg getting from a fake online payment integration , when  you get the credit card from you client you can transfer the necessary information to a h@€k€r to do the remaining job for you

Always Be The first To Offer A gift
This is more common on a dating format that is if you are using dating format , when you start dating a white man as a white woman always create a long lasting relationship and trust , always send rose and try chatting in a lovely way you can try and request for the white man email so you can send messages to him and also offer to visit him , with that the man will automatically have trust in you and will fall , with that opportunity you can  strike your deal.

Collecting Credit card And Wire wire at same time

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Credit card format is another way of taking what belongs to another is a way of collecting credit card from your victim using tricks way , so you can use it for online shopping , if you are a Nigerian base guy or
or visa depending on the card  , there are some website you can use the card for shopping with our having access to the master card pin , with the datails on the
you can shop endlessly , but this requires brain work  or you can create a hacker base network were you get your client to shop with their card and after inputting their card for shopping you will automatically have access to their card details , this is done with the help of brain work.

Illegal ways To Make Money As A Yahoo Guy
Making money as A Yahoo is very simple all you have to do is to be good at brain works and act smart , the above and below information will guide you more on how to make money as a Yahoo boy  through illegal way

  • Sign up on any foregin Dating site.
  • Open An Account As A female back Girl , Because white people love female back girls because day think that is very easy for them to get since day can confuse them and get them.
  • Make a video call with a cloned female face to the white man.
  • Don’t request for money from them till after 4month , creating trust is the main key before striking.

Yahoo boys sites : Yahoo Guys sites To Visit

Below are some of the sites that you can visit to learn many things

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Yahoo Boys Apps

Cloning Application

Dating Application

Grammarly Application

Virtual private Network ( VPN )

The above apps will help you in a long run to collect some $ from a client if you play your game well , it will help you to become a successful yahoo boy.

How  To Stay Safe As A Yahoo Boy

Due to the way Efcc are going up and down harassing Yahoo boys , the below guideline will help you stay safe and not get caught.

Never Disclose your business to any body including your friends.

Leave a low-key life style in your hub , because you don’t no who hate and who like you , so some one will not report you to efcc in your hub to come and catch you.

Never live rich lifestyle to get social media attention or post pictures on social media to oppress people  , because you don’t no who is your enemy.

Dress normal don’t wear blings , don’t wear dreads , don’t draw tattoo on your body because when people see you In such act , they will automatically report you to Efcc for investigation.

Never try to show off on social media , like snapping and showing expensive things you buy , showing expensive shopping you go , showing your expensive cars , it will get attention in people’s eyes, which will make them suspect you as a Yahoo boy and can report you to Efcc for investigation , just leave a low life.

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