[100% OFF] Rapid Designer Skills | Typography, Colour, Effects & Layout

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Free Design Program!

Rapid Designer Skills | Typography, Colour, Effects & Layout


Grow into a self taught designer.

Learn by Doing: Gain skills by following along and designing your own version.

What you’ll learn:

You’ll learn how to set typography on the canvas, add shapes, apply special effects, consider layout, positioning, scale, build a colour palette from scratch, and when you’re done, pull it all together into example deliverables like a mobile app, poster, magazine spread and more.

Suitable levels:

Suitable for absolute beginners who have never designed or for those who want to learn a few more techniques to produce better quality design.

Key takeaways:

The skills you take from this course can be applied to any future design projects you take on in the future for yourself or others. Learn how to master the key essentials in design with this rapid course, and then take that knowledge to make absolutely anything you can think of!

Build core skills:

We make rapid, nimble classes with valuable information using real life designer workflows that immediately add core skills to your newly formed design mind.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t:

Resources – Files You Need For Success

Downloadable folder for the free fonts, plugins and design program used.

Quick Start – Master Figma Controls & Keys

Master the main Figma controls & keys to more easily follow the course.

Typography – Pairing, Scale, Impact & Tone

Set typography on the canvas, looking at pairing, scale, impact & tone.

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Colour – Base Palette, Variety, Strength & Usage

Build a colour palette from scratch with a base, variety, a strength test & usage.

Effects – Shapes, Shadows, Blurring & Layering

Add shapes and apply special effects including shadows, blurring & layers.

Layout – Positioning, Elements, Movement & Feeling

Consider layout, positioning & scale with elements and how to assemble them.

All Together – App, Poster, Magazine Spread & More

Pull it all together into mockups like an app, poster, magazine spread and more.

Level up with Spilled Ink.

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring designers who want to level up their skill set and become enabled to create for themselves or others.


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