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Fully Funded 100 PhD Scholarships – College of Life Sciences- 2022 UK

The University of Leicester are investing £9m in 100 PhD Scholarships for entry in autumn 2022 as part of its ambition to deliver on its strategic aim to ‘nurture the next generation of researchers to become world-leaders in their field’. 25 scholarships will be distributed through the College of Life Sciences, which comprises four Schools (Leicester Medical School; Biological Sciences; Psychology; Allied Health Professionals) and six departments (Cardiovascular Sciences; Genetics and Genome Biology; Health Sciences; Respiratory Sciences; Molecular and Cell Biology; Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour).


Below are some of the 35 project proposals from supervisors across the College, three of which have a pedagogic focus. Please be aware that not all of the proposed projects will be funded; however, it is possible to apply for up to two projects.


Allied Health Professionals

Project Ref: AH-ONeill, Supervisor: Associate Professor Seth O’Neill – Improving clinical outcomes for Achilles Tendon Ruptures

Project Ref: AH-Scott, Supervisor: Dr Sion Scott – Development of a behaviour change intervention to prevent severe antipsychotic medication associated metabolic syndrome

Cardiovascular Sciences

Project Ref: CVS-Arnold, Supervisor: Dr J. Ranjit Arnold – Developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fully automated detection and quantification of myocardial infarction on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) images

Project Ref: CVS-Chauhan, Supervisor: Dr Reshma Chauhan – Investigating the effects of non-invasive sympathetic nerve stimulation on cardiac electrophysiology and the development of ventricular arrhythmias

Project Ref: CVS-Codd, Supervisor: Dr Veryan Codd – Investigating the role of telomere length in vascular cell physiology.


Genetics and Genome Biology

Project Ref: GGB-Brown, Supervisor: Professor Karen Brown – Understanding the role of the microbiome in the development of cancer and response to preventive therapies: Development and application of a novel ex-vivo patient derived explant microbiome (PDEM) co-culture model for therapeutic screening

Project Ref: GGB-Chen, Supervisor: Dr Ko-Fan Chen – Unravelling the molecular and neural mechanisms underlying nystagmus pathogenesis using Drosophila models

Project Ref: GGB-Galyov, Supervisor: Dr Ed Galyov – Molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying temperature responsiveness of the Burkholderia phage AMP1

Project Ref: GGB-Higgins, Supervisor: Dr James Higgins – Investigating crossover formation in two novel meiotic genes in Arabidopsis

Project Ref: GGB-Miles Supervisor: Dr Gareth J Miles – Development of computational and systems biology approaches to evaluate meta-data generated from patient-derived cancer explants to aid personalised medicine


Qualification: PhD


Departments: Cardiovascular Sciences Genetics Health Sciences Respiratory Sciences Molecular and Cell Biology Neuroscience Psychology and Behaviour Biological Sciences Medicine


Application deadline: 11 March 2022


Start date: 26 September 2022


Applicants are required to hold/or expect to obtain a UK Bachelor Degree 2:1 or better in a relevant subject or overseas equivalent.


The University of Leicester English language requirements.




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