How to Earn in Dollar from Nigeria

In this Post we will walk you through the Various ways of earning in dollars from Nigeria. We are discussing Realistic Ways To make money with ease.

Trust us after Reading this post you’ll have the idea on how to make dollars online from Nigeria. All you’ll have to do is take Actions and start making money!. But we will have to be frank with you. Some of these steps will take time before you begin to see tangible results while you will begin to see some results right away after implementing some of the steps.

Why you need to earn in dollars

One of the biggest reasons why you need to  earn in dollars here in Nigeria is due to its value and stability unlike the naira, the last time I changed my dollar at the bureau de change it was 570# per Dollar! Imagine earning 1000$ Monthly that looks Much right? Don’t worry we are going to walk you through this. 

Making dollars Online In Nigeria

Since you’ll be working from Nigeria, everything will be Online. All you’ll need is an Internet Connection, a laptop or smartphone any of the one will be Okay. And then your time to put these things into action. 

Kindly Note: I’ll be frank with you There’s No free Money anywhere you’ll have to do one thing or the other to earn in dollars

Below is how you can earn in dollars from Nigeria 

Will start with some of the process that will require you to have little or No fund in other to start earning dollars to that area that will require you to make some sort of investment

How to earn dollars in Nigeria


One of the reasons this is in our top list is that it requires little or no investment to start it.

Blogging is One of the realistic ways you can earn in dollars from Nigeria and yes blogging is still viable in 2022!. Don’t think it’s something completely difficult that you can’t Start. All you’ll need is time and dedication to set up a successful blog. You might be thinking of having lots of cash before starting a blog. You can start a moderate blog site with your 15,000naira! Is that much?  The truth is you can start your blog with as Low as 5000 or 1000 Naira . Is that a joke? Absolutely not! Let me break this down a little bit for you. 

To start a blog you’ll need a domain and hosting. Domain is the name for your site for example, that’s the domain name for our site. You can buy a domain name for 4000 naira for a .com extension, (a domain that ends with .com example and for 1000 naira in Nigeria! As for hosting you can use Google free blog hosting service!

You see with your 1k and blogspot free hosting you can set up your nice blog.!

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How to earn in dollars blogging

Once you have your blog site in place, the next thing is to monetize your website. One of the popular and easiest ways of earning with your site is monetizing it using Google AdSense!  Google AdSense is an advertising network that allows you to earn money on your site by simply placing ads on your site! Read more about AdSense here. And Google AdSense pays you in dollars directly to your bank account or other online payment platforms.

To get your site monetized with Google AdSense you’ll have to first of All apply! And that requires you to have some good amount of posts on your site!


Freelancing literally requires no sort of investment from you in order to get started, however you’ll have to offer service to people in order to Earn. You can offer different kinds of services like web development, graphic design, wordpress development, Content writing, SEO, and much More! To get started with freelancing you’ll have to join some of the Freelancing platforms such as Upwork, fiverr, freelancer, and others. Joining this platform will enable you to easily get clients to work for! 

The thing about freelancing is you must have some certain kind of skill to be able to earn, you’ll have to solve someone’s problem, for you to get paid. And most of this payment on the freelance network is being made in dollars. 

If you’re that kind of person with some special skills in some areas (let take for example content writer, or Android developer), you can run ads on various social media platforms targeting people that might be interested in your service! That will enable you to land more Clients! Read More About Freelancing Here

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Yes, YouTube is One of the most popular and Reliable ways you can earn Money, I mean in Dollars here in Nigeria! All you have to do is Create a YouTube channel. To be honest creating the YouTube channel isn’t hard, the hardest part is growing the channel. To grow a YouTube channel isn’t an easy task for a beginner, and to start you’ll need to have some gadgets like microphone, a camera or a phone with decent camera,Creating great content isn’t easy, but with time and dedication you can sure make it. A YouTube channel when fully established will make you millions of dollars. You can see this guide on  how to start a successful YouTube channel. The good thing about youtube is you can make money from sponsorships from various brands depending how well your YouTube channel is performing and your niche!

Crypto currency

This process will require you investing in a Crypto Asset like, bitcoin, Ethereum, shiba, Dodge Coin etc, this method of making dollar will require you to have some funds(Money to invest). The idle way of making dollar with this process is choosing any of the promising Coin. Read this article to see the best coin to purchase at the moment. This process involves you buying the coin at a lower price and selling it when the price sky rocket. 

You can download any of the app below to get started with Crypto Currency trading.

  • Coinbase 
  • Binance 

You can use our Coinbase link here to sign up you’ll get 10$ equivalent of 4158 naira, when ever you trade upto 41,587# in Bitcoin!

Affiliate marketing

This is the process of making sells for Online platform like, Amazon,eBay, Alibaba etc, while you get commission per every sale you make, sometimes is not only limited to making sells, it also be in the form of referral, in the sense that you promote some sites, good example of such sites is 1xbet and betnaija some of this site pays you for referring users to their sites. All you have to do is sign up for the affiliate program, though in most of the cases it’ll require you have a website or blog to run a successful affiliate marketing business. And most of the foreign affiliate programs pays you in dollars!.


In Conclusion there are several ways you can make Dollars from Nigeria, all you have to do is to figure out what you’ll be able to give your time to and put lot of effort and work. We are currently working on some method of making money in foreign currencies. Once it work we will keep updating this content so you’ll see how to do it to. 

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