Zenora.me review (is zenora.me legit or scam? Detailed review)

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In this post will review the zenora.me and tell you all you’ll need to know about this and if you should invest in It or not. 

Making money from the comfort of your home with your electronic device is one of the easiest ways to make money in today’s world. Number of make-money websites seems to increase everyday on the internet.

And in this writeup, we will be talking about one of the newest make-money websites called Zenora.me or zenora. You probably don’t know about Zenora because the website is barely a month old. Not all online make-money platforms involve completing a task, some deal with investments. And zenora.me seems to be one such investment platform. The website is all about investing capital and getting a huge profit from each investment. This is what zenora literally promises its users.

Zenora.me Review

Since Zenora.me is a new website it is obvious that the site has little or no review about it yet. And a lot of internet users have doubts about the new website. At the end of this review, you would learn all the basic things you have to make money on zenora.me. And most importantly find out if it is legit or a scam.

About Zenora.me

Zenora.me claims to be a decentralized platform. With no capital kept anywhere. It is an initiative to create financial freedom for individuals.

Participants pay directly to each other through the peer network. Zenora.me guarantees that your funds are safe with them.

How does Zenora.me work

We said earlier that zenora.me is an investment initiative. Which means you have to invest on the platform to earn income. On the zenora platform, there is something called matrix. Matrix can be termed as the user’s level on the platform. For example join matrix 1 with 1000 naira and get 2000 naira after twenty four hours.

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With this, it basically means that, fund and profit tend to increase as you advance in the matrix levels.

There are six matrix level on zenora.me

Matrix 1 ₦1,000/fee₦2,000/reward

Matrix 2 (24 hours)₦2,000/fee₦4,000/reward

MATRIX 3 (24 hours)₦4,000/fee₦8,000/reward

Matrix 4 (24 hours)₦8,000/fee₦16,000/reward

Matrix 5 (24 hours)₦16,000/fee ₦32,000/reward

Matrix 6 (2 days)₦32,000/fee₦64,000/reward

When you try to join a matrix level on zenora.me and it does not implement. It means that your joining request has not been merged yet. This means no slot is available at the moment. Once a slot is available, you will be merged immediately, and you will see the account number you are to make payment into.

And this means your request will have to be pending before you can make payments.

Zenora tends to assign their user to an upline. Never make payment to your upline. They are only meant to guide you.

Another way you can earn on zenora.me is via referral, refer people to zenora with your referral link or code. Get 20% commission

every time your partners activate or upgrade their accounts.

With this information above you should be able to invest and earn successfully on zenora.me.

How to refer or invite on Zenora.me

Zenora.me referral is worth doing because you actually earn per each person you refer.

Post referral links on forums, blogs, social media networks and others to increase your referral commission.

Zenora office

Zenora.me is a Nigerian site, and there is no specific location where you can find the platform office. Find zenora.me by visiting their website. it can be accessed across all countries of the world.

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Zenora.me Sign Up

  • Sign up on Zenora.me by visiting their website ‘zenora.me ‘ on the internet. Then click join now.
  • Input full name, phone number, valid email address, password, partner code (optional).
  • With the few steps above, you will be able to register successfully on zenora.me

Zenora.me Login

The minimum withdrawal threshold on zenora.me is 1000 naira and the one maximum withdrawal limit is 50,000 naira. Before you intend to withdraw on zenora, bind your bank account details with the website.

Once you successfully bind the account details, and reach the withdrawal threshold. Your withdrawn fund will be credited to your bank.

You should also be concerned about recharging on the platform, because it is technically impossible to earn on zenora.me without investing. If users face any problem while trying to withdraw on zenora.me, they can easily contact the upline assigned to you, but never send money or personal account details to them.

Is Zenora.me Legit or Scam ?

The credibility of most make-money platform are mostly determined by review on the internet. And most importantly, the years the platform has been in existence.

But in the case of Zenora.me, the website is barely a month old and has no review about it on the internet to be a scam. Although, some internet users don’t believe in websites that have .me in its domain name. But there have been several legit websites that have .me in its name. We can’t guarantee if zenora is a scam or legit, but we know that a make-money platform is worth risking.


When investment on platform like this, please be cautious and invest only little amount for a Start while you find out it authenticity with your little investment

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