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Download Comrade meme pictures and stickers (Learn how to make comrade meme photo)

This Post Provides you with several Comrade memes pictures and stickers. It’ll Also show you the creative way to make or create  the Comrade meme pictures or stickers on your own. The comrade meme is popular amongst Nigerians.

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Now let’s Get started

Download Comrade meme picture

Possible vawulence memes

vawulence comrade meme

Comrade meme Nigeria

Comrade vawulence

Funny Comrade photo meme

Download Comrade meme pictures


Comrade meme lol

Comrade meme

More vawulence comrade

Comrade meme

Comrade with vawulence

Vawulence meme

Picture of comrade meme

Comrade vawulence meme

How to make comrade meme picture

To Make the Comrades meme picture of stickers kindly follow the steps below.

From simple cartoon images of frog faces with a little crop to fit images, comrade memes come in all shapes and sizes. 

But how to create a comrade meme is what almost everyone wants to learn at this time, especially those who like to cruise on Twitter.

If you have been searching online for how to create the comrade meme, this article will help you.

We’ve created an easy guide to help you make the perfect comrade meme to share with your followers on Facebook or Twitter.

Download Pepe the frog

Pepe the frog is the original name for the popular cartoon frog known as a comrade in Nigeria Twitter. It’s good to download the clear HD version

pepe frog comrade meme

Download cupace App

Download the editing app, once you are done with the first step, this is the point where you will go straight to the Google Play Store and search for an app called Cupace.

Download the App here

Find the needed picture

If you’re creating a comrade meme, it might be wise to get a hilarious photo. You can also look up unsplash sites like pexels, which let you download free funny photos. You can install photo apps directly on your phone that allow you to add text to your images.

Now create the Comrade meme

Once you download Pepe the frog and random photos — it doesn’t matter how you get the photos.

When you get to the Cupace app, you’ll need to click cut the face. Then upload Pepe the frog. Next, Cut the face by drawing a path on the face of the pepe frog with magnifying glass support

Screenshot from cupace app

Once you do that, the pepe frog face that you cropped will be saved in Face Gallery, and you can re-use it on multiple photos without need to cut it again from its original photo.

How to use the cropped face?

The cropped face would be shown in the Face Gallery.

You will need to tap it to paste the current photos.

You can add text to your photo

Finally, you can save your photo and share it on social media.

Create Comrade meme sticker

Creating the comrade meme sticker is same as creating any other sticker especially on WhatsApp.

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