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How To Detect Fixed Match And Win Your Bets

This article shows you the realistic way how to detect fixed match and win your bet. To know how to achieve this all you have to do is read this content to the end.

The world of sports betting has a lot going on. There are hundreds of different games and thousands of leagues, teams, and players. It can be difficult to keep track of who’s doing what and when, not to mention figuring out which bets have the best odds for success. However, there are some steps you can take in order to make sure your bets go as planned. Here, you will learn about the main types of sports betting and how to decide which ones suit you best. You will also find a list of helpful tips and tricks that can help you win your bets more often.

What is a fixed match?

A fixed match is when the odds are against the player. They are the odds that favor the house. Let’s use a simple example to make it more clear. Let’s say you had a bet on who is going to win the Euro 2016 tournament with odds of 1:5 and the bookies had odds of 2:2. A fixed match means you are going to lose. To win a bet, you need to have at least odds 1:5 or 2:2. How to detect a fixed match in sports betting? When you are betting on sports, you have to know if the match is fixed or not. The only way to determine if a match is fixed is to check the odds. The odds that favor the house. When the odds favor the house, you’re going to lose. The casinos know this and so they limit the number of bets in each bet.

How to spot a fixed match

One of the best ways to find a match that is fixed is to analyze the betting behavior of a few different players. Once you know who they are betting with and what kind of bets they make, you can start making a few easy observations. Remember, there’s a lot more to picking a winner in sports than just taking it to the bank. The players that bet a high percentage of their bankroll in a fixed match will also usually place a higher-than-normal number of bets in the first half of the match. They’re probably interested in the same side as the bettor, and aren’t worried about winning big on their own cards. However, once the cards turn, you’ll see a drastic drop off in their betting behavior. They’ll all star wagering in bunches, and may even spend their entire bankroll on a single hand.

How to win bets on a fixed match

Finding a match that is fixed is relatively easy. Just find the tables with the highest house edge and bet on those. When you see the house edge of 12.5%, 18% or 25% in your betting sheet, it’s a sign that the match is fixed. And not only will the house edge be higher, you can also spot the fixes because of the betting trends of the betting lines. The odds and betting trends are the best indicators of match fixing. In fact, according to a report by the FBI, many sportsbooks would write the lines with the correct odds, in addition to adding a few extra percent to make up for the house edge. However, this doesn’t mean you should bet with the house edge.

Six (6) Secrets You Should Know About Fixed Matches in Sports Betting

Play betting with passion and aiming to win is everyone’s target, below are some secrets you should know about fixed matches before fixing it.

FIXED matches don’t really happen every day. Any source that tells you that they may be offering you a fixed game every day is FALSE!

Gambling companies sometimes try to influence the outcome of a game just to make more profit when they realize that many people are betting on a certain game. Bookmakers also buy some games and try to change the odds to confuse you sometimes.

Sometimes the players themselves decide to fix the game themselves so they can bet on it and win money.

Sometimes dealers try to fix games with trainers in order to sell them to others for money.

Then there is the scam: some people claim to have fixed matches, but NOTHING! Some of them just assume where you end up playing and then they force you to buy their so-called fixed game and make money with you.

There are also times when there is no fixed game, but bookmakers pay people to start spreading FALSE fixed matches in order to get people to make the maximum bets so they can win. Would you give up on a specific fixed game? No!

Countries you should Specialise on – League







Listed above country are good in terms of match fixing, it’s recommend to start with the country on list above, bookmark this page or refresh it while we keep updating it with latest countries which you can also do Match Fixing For Sure Win.

What you should Consider before fixing  matches to win.

Here is a list of what you should consider before fixing matches on bet9ja, betking, sportybet and other top betting matches.




The Coaches

Team Ranking


This is the strategy that after you see a team that in any of their matches the referees continually offer cards, that may tell you that the team always turns out to be a fastened match.


This is another factor to think about. Once it involves police investigation of a fixed match you wish to consider the team enjoying and therefore the players, if a team is playing and that they are determined to not use their high players which will provide you with a touch that the match can be a hard and fast one.


The Coaches

In order to notice a fixed match in card-playing you wish to watch the coach also, once you see there are a series of substitutes within the game most likely that may tell you that the match can be a hard and fast match.

Team Ranking

Team classification is another way to define a fixed match; if a team is not performing well, you can bribe that team for a fixed match. Teams like Japan, Brazil, Indonesia and Nigeria are not very well classified, so the commitment could have come from them.

How to Avoid Been Scam When Fixing Matches

Fixed games/events could appear to fans, there are still many of us out there who will have the benefit of them, and those who purchase by counting on fixed matches are winning vast amounts of profit within the process.

So, you’ve simply been sent an email, text message, or a message through social media, and it’s from somebody you’ve ne’er detected claiming they need information about a set event, however they’ll solely share it for a price. What must you do?

Simply ignore it and don’t reply.

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