How to become a party delegate in Nigeria

See how to become a party delegate in any political party in Nigeria, APC, PDP, labour NNPP or other parties, Perhaps One of the most talked about topics in Nigeria in the month of may and June is how to become a party delegate, this due to the fact we are in a primary election season.

Politicians spent quite a lot of cash buying delegate votes for as high as 36million naira, hence lots of people pick interest on how to become a party delegate Lol. 

Whatever your  reason for becoming a party delegate is, we will guide you through on how to successfully do that. 

Primary elections in Nigeria

Primary election in Nigeria is a time when a party elect who will represent the party at the presidential, governorship etc in the general election. Kindly note there are two types of primaries. 

What are the types of primary elections?

Direct and Indirect.

In an indirect primary election, party members elect delegates who in turn elect the party’s candidates on their behalf. Delegates are a democratically elected group of voters elected at party congresses. A congress is a formal meeting or convention between members of a political party. During the congress, registered members of a political party elect these delegates that will represent them at local, state and national congresses.

In a direct primary election, registered members of the party just vote for who they want to be the flag-bearer of their party. Unlike with the indirect primaries, no delegates are involved, party members choose their representatives through polls like they would in a general election.

The APC in Osun State recently adopted direct primaries in choosing their preferred candidate, Gboyega Oyetola, for the gubernatorial election rescheduled for today. Every card-carrying member of the party participated in the process of nominating the flag bearer for the APC.

Who is a party delegate? 

Delegates are registered members of a political party elected by other party members to vote during any primary election. For example they are elected by other parties members from their local government to represent their local government in a primary election. 

Being a Delegate isn’t a lifelong thing as it’s also being appointed after a certain period,  for example they are being elected before every general election. 

How to become a delegate

Delegates are card carrying members of a political party. Three delegates from each of the Local Government Areas in every State of the Federation are elected.

At least one of which will be a woman, all of whom shall cease to function after Congress.

Here are the procedures to become a party delegate in Nigeria’s primary election;

1~Join a political party in Nigeria

2~Register with the party by purchasing a 3~registration form

4~Submit the required documents

4~Pay your registration fee at the Party’s Ward secretariat

5~ Collect your Party membership card

6~ Develop popularity in your Ward

7~Build grassroots support from members at your Ward

8~Indicate interest to be a delegate at the ward congress


Now you’ve seen how to become a delegate, if you have an enquiry, suggestion or contribution kindly Drop it in the comment section below. 

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