Black Market Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today 13th June 2022

What is the Dollar to Naira Exchange rate at the black market also known as the parallel market (Aboki fx). See the black market Dollar to Naira exchange rate for 13th June, 2022, below. You can swap your dollar to Naira at these rates.

How much is dollar to naira today in black market?

Dollar to naira exchange rate today black market (Aboki dollar rate):

The exchange rate for a dollar to naira at Lagos Parallel Market (Black Market) players buy a dollar for N600 and sell at N610 on Sunday, 12th June, according to sources at Bureau De Change (BDC).

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Please note that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not recognize the parallel market (black market), as it has directed individuals who want to engage in Forex to approach their respective banks.

Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today

Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate 600
Selling Rate 610

Please note that the rates you buy or sell forex may be different from what is captured in this article because prices varies.

How To Open US Bank Account in Nigeria

Some People think Is impossible To open A Bank Account In USA from Nigeria, Well it’s true to some extent, but with tricks and insight you can do that, So the main thing to consider when it comes to opening a US bank account in Nigeria is for you to follow some steps which we will discuss in this post.

Without further ado let’s begin the guide on How To Open a US Bank Account in Nigeria, we will explore all options on creating US bank account.

How To Open US Bank Account in Nigeria

As A Non US Resident you can have a bank account in the United States of America Through the help or through making use of Banking services like Getbiztousa.Com

This platform is legit and trusted, it helps you to own a real USA Bank Account without the use of EIN/SSN or Other Documents.

The Disadvantage here is that the chargers is very high for beginners as you can see from the above screenshot, the main thing is that, USA Bank Account is the best, if you can afford the money to open it, you can go for it, but if you cannot you can follow the alternative method below:

Other Ways To Open US Bank account in Nigeria

If you are having difficulties or finding it hard to receive payment from top countries like the US Or UK, Below are the steps and guidelines To collect payment outside the country instead of following the impossible “Getting USA Bank Account In Nigeria ”.

Payoneer Bank

Payoneer Is An Online Banking, is known As A Virtual Bank. You can receive payment in  US dollars Or pounds Without Any charges Attached to it. When withdrawing your money from Payoneer you can automatically convert it to Naira!

Some online platforms may likely require you to register with a certain amount since you are not a citizen of the USA or UK, But instead of that, all you need to do is to register a payoneer and when your application is approved you are going to be given a bank account.

With The Help Of Payoneer, You Can Send And Receive Money All Over The World, you can use it to send and receive money from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia and many other top countries.

Cash App Account

Cash App Can’t give you a unique legit USA or UK Bank Account like that of payoneer but the good thing about it is that it enables someone from the United States of America ( USA ) To Send You payment directly from their Bank Account.

The main purpose is just to get payment from the United States of America. The Cash App is good and one of the best things About it is that when it comes to receiving payment from the USA, it is the easiest means to receive payment from the United states.

Paydek Account is easy to open account with, which is another virtual bank provider which you can use to send And Receive payment both from home and abroad that is sending and receiving payment globally.When You Make use of Paydek, you can open a virtual bank of USA And EU without Any hidden extra charges.

Domiciliary account in Nigeria

If all you want is an account you can transact in dollars, an account you can save or receive dollars in Nigeria then creating a dollar account is also a sure bet for you. All you’ll have to do is get 2 guarantors that will help you fill the reference form your bank will give you. Other materials you’ll require include a national ID card or voters card and a passport. Having a domiciliary account in Nigeria will help you save in dollars or other foreign currencies which in turns save you from the devaluation of Naira.


Opening a US bank account in Nigeria is good especially when you are into some business that requires international transactions because the USA Bank Account is what you will be needing to receive payment from your client.

When it comes to Paydek, Paydek supports over 50 Different currencies from 150+ countries And You can get paid easily direct to your local bank account.

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