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How To Become An Uber Driver in Nigeria

Uber driving is one of the most profitable and reliable business for millions of Nigerians to work as commercial drivers, Uberdriving comes with several opportunities that allow commercial driver to make more money than the traditional commercial taxi driving.

Currently, Uber is a major alternative to traditional taxi, aside from that it also comes with several opportunities for both driver and passengers.

One of the major advantages of Uber is that it comes with maximum security, quality user experience and more.

If you want to become an Uber driver in Nigeria then you need to read this informative article to the end, so that you will know all the requirements of becoming an Uber driver in Nigeria.

Uber update their terms and condition regularly that is why it is very important to meet all the demand of becoming an Uber driver in 2022.

Before you can become an Uber driver in Nigeria there are some steps you need to follow, Uber is a regulated company you can’t just started working with them without proper process, that is why that do background check and review before they are approved anyone as their driver.

Requirement For Uber Driver

If you want to become an Uber driver in Nigeria in 2022, then you need to meet all the requirements, it is very important to meet all the requirements because if you don’t meet them all you won’t be allowed to work with Uber as one of their driver.

To ensure quality user experience and safety of both driver and passengers Uber demand some qualifications

Age Requirement

According to Uber terms and condition all driver must be minimum of 21 years old and above.Valid Driving License

All Nigerian driver must have Nigerian valid driving licence.Screening Session

They must complete the safety screening session which is the training where applicant will be allow to drive to see his or her proficiency in driving. It is very important to pass through the screening section if you want to become an Uber driver in Nigeria in 2022Immediately after completing and successful screening session, you will be given a short training video that way increase your knowledge to become a better driver.
Now that you are qualified to be an Uber driver after following the above process, the next line of action is your vehicle screening and approval for Uber driving, immediately after meeting the requirement to be an Uber driver what you need to do is to submit your vehicle for check and approval for the driving business.

There are some requirements and process that you need to follow before Uber can approve your vehicle.

Your car must meet all the requirements before it can be approved.

If your car meet these terms and conditions then, you are qualified to use it for Uber driver in Nigeria in 2022.

Now after you are qualified and your car is qualified for Uber driving, what you need to do is to become an Uber driver in Nigeria. So that you can started the commercial driving business.

To become an Uber driver you need to follow this simple step below.

Sign Up As Uber Driver

Firstly you need to sign up as an Uber driver in Nigeria.

You can sign up as an uber driver in Nigeria online all you need to do is to log on the official website of Uber.

You can sign up as an uber driver with your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Official website of uber: https://
Official Sign up web page of Uber: https://

Follow the instructions to register as an Uber driver in Nigeria.

Onboarding Process

The next step is the onboard process, after submitting all the requirement documents that are needed to be an Uber driver in Nigeria in 2022, the next line of action is to go through the onboard process.

It is very important for all aspiring Uber driver to go through this process, Uber use this process as a method of hiring quality, well trained driver that will deliver quality service to their customers.

You’ll also need to upload the necessary documents after completing the test, and you need to attend onboarding meetings that is organized by Uber.

Wait For Uber Background Checks

At this moment after you have complete your onboard process, you need to wait for uber background checks which takes between 3 weeks to one month to do all the individual verification before you are allowed to proceed to the next step of becoming an Uber driver in Nigeria in 2022.

After the Uber background check, your Comprehensive Criminal Background Check
(CCBC) is also required, will help helps to verify whether you have a perfect driving record.

Car Approval By Uber

Now that you know the car requirement for Uber driving, then you need to submit it for approval, during this process your car will be screened and will be approved after it has met all the requirements that are needed.

Uber need a specific car for the purpose of uber commercial driving, that is why it is very important to meet all the requirement that will make driving simple and easy for both the driver and passengers. Don’t bother to submit a rented or accidental car because it won’t be approved.

You need to show evidence of ownership of the car and the car must not have any technical or physical issue when you are submitting it for approval.

Immediately after your car has been approved for Uber driving, then you need to download the Uber mobile app, Uber mobile app is available on Google play store for Android users and iOS app store for Apple users.

After downloading the Uber mobile App, the mobile application will allow you to get uber passenger.

Now you are an Uber driver, you can now pick any Uber passenger right from the mobile App.

This is the process of becoming an Uber driver in Nigeria as at 2021, the process is simple and easy but it may be complicated if you don’t have all the requirement that are needed to become an uber driver in Nigeria especially when it comes to vehicle verification and approval and other related issue.

That is why it is very important to prepare well before you begin the process of become an Uber driver in Nigeria in 2022.

Get your vehicle ready before you start the process, make sure you go for the latest car that have four door with other qualities and other qualities that Uber want when it comes to approving the right vehicle for Uber driving.
• Your car must be physically well and has no technical or physical issue.
Your car must have a working and super active air condition.
• Your car must have a mp3 player or radio.
• It was have four doors.
• It is very important to do the insurance coverage of your car before you submit it because Uber will ask for it.

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