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Coderons review : Does Coderons pay? 

If you come across the site and want to know all about the platform, such as what is coderons? Do coderons pay? How to earn with coderons, then this post is for you.

For starters Coderons is a platform made for developers to meet and collaborate with each other, however the platform also allows users to earn via referral program. But can you really earn and withdraw your cash from the Coderons or it’s just another money making pipe dream? See what we find out.

Coderons is the same as the latter is the site address while the former is the company name.

About Coderons

According to the site “Coderons was founded in 2021 by a team of passionate people who wanted to create an exclusive platform for learners and developers across the globe. We are a social networking service company that enables its users to connect with world-class developers to learn, resolve issues, share interests, and enhance their knowledge. Coderons empowers individuals with great passion to learn from the experts directly and achieve their goal”

Well as you can see the site is basically made for web developers, programmers, app developers etc.

How to earn with Coderons

Users on Coderons can earn via Referral program, you simply create an account, get your referral link, refer others and earn from it. You’ll Receive a $10 credit when people you refer to register signed up. Also, they earn $10 on signing up!

Does Coderons really pay?

At the moment several users on the platform report an issue withdrawing money they make from the platform. After doing several research we found out that the platform gets lots more referral than it anticipated and also due to irregularities from the users hence it’s unable to pay the users.

Here’s what the platform said about the issue of not able to withdraw

“Lots of people who share referral codes to friends and relatives. Actually this is not wrong because the nominal payment received from everyone who registers using his referral will get a lot of money, which is 10 $. Imagine if you have 10 friends and each of your friends has two email accounts that can be registered on this site . You have already earned 200$ using only referrals. Wow.. a very fantastic value for citizens with a very high dollar exchange rate.

Do you know.. if you do that continuously it will not produce anything and even to take money from the referrals will never be taken. You have to post something and get unique views. For 1000 views, the price is 5$ and there must be a minimum of 15$ from the unique views you generate. So at least you must have 3000 unique views so that your money can be withdrawn

Bury your hopes deep if you only expect instant money from this site. Because you can never get it instantly

My advice, if you want to earn money from this site start by making an IT-themed post that attracts views according to the purpose of this site.. if you only expect instant money from this site, immediately lift your suitcase and leave this site because you will not ever get anything.

Coderons has begun to be filled with people who do not understand the intent and purpose of this site. Their goal is to make money instantly. But they will never get it here. If you want to get your money, let’s immediately make an interesting post that can be educational and useful so that you can have many unique views so that your money can be withdrawn.

Is Coderons legit or fake?

Well we can’t confirm at the moment if the platform is outrightly legit or scam hence we are still conducting research on it. We will keep this article updated as we find useful insight about the platform.


Coderons is a platform for developers that allows users to earn through referral and meaningful contribution to the platform, such as posts, comments etc. If you have any experience with Coderons kindly Drop it in the comment section below so other members will learn from you.

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